Mark Robinson scares the living hell out of the bad guys.


The NCGOP hasn’t had a star the caliber of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson since the days of Jesse Helms.  Robinson doesn’t back down from a fight.  He calls out the media after they tell one of their many lies.  He actually embraces the party platform.  Robinson is driving a bullet train right for the governor’s mansion in 2024.  That scares Democrats and their leftist allies, as well as the Charlotte and Raleigh pinky-in-the-air Republicans.

A Mark Zuckerberg-George Soros front called Cardinal and Pine has been leading the opposition research and ensuing attacks on Robinson.  The first big whopper they tried to push on us was that Robinson, in this speech, called gay people “filthy.”   (No, he didn’t.). Robinson actually declared the offerings of Hollywood and the textbooks in our children’s school libraries “filthy.”

Meanwhile,  the media all but ignored a Robinson press conference where foul-mouthed, profane emails and voice mails sent to Robinson’s office were played and displayed.  The leftists angry about Robinson’s alleged “filthy” slam on gays ended up being much more foul than Robinson ever was.  The alleged anti-hate crowd bombarded Robinson with references to lynching and the awful “n-word”.   (The media that did show up didn’t want to talk about Robinson’s public school reform platform.  They were cribbing from the militant gay script.)

Robinson didn’t grovel and apologize like most Republican politicians would have.  (Way too many folks on our side are scared of WRAL getting angry with them.)

That didn’t work so the drive-bys amped it up and tried again.  This time, the drive-bys were upset about Robinson’s alleged statement about straight people being “superior” to gay people.  

Again,  words from Robinson’s statement were cherry-picked to fit the media narrative.  Robinson had been asked by a gay activist if he thought his marriage was “superior” to the activist’s “marriage” to a man.

You learn a lot about who people are scared of by looking at who they attack the hardest.  Robinson is the only Republican drawing serious leftist fire.  That makes sense.  He is the ONLY Republican official out there making the Left worry.

There’s an excellent chance he will be moving into the mansion on Blount Street as Roy Cooper moves out.