Mailing List Mayhem


It was about time for a little drama to pop up at NCGOP HQ:





I confirmed the authenticity of this memo with a senior party official.  According to my source,  this complaint has been thoroughly investigated since it was first raised during the first week of February.



Party-connected sources tell me that no evidence has been found to support West’s allegation.  I am also told that the employee West references regularly downloads the list as part of her job duties.  So,  there would be nothing nefarious about her doing such.


2 thoughts on “Mailing List Mayhem

  1. Just curious – convicted pedophile? Served time in prison? Is a district chair??? Is he eligible to vote as a convicted felon?? Hmmmm

  2. Hmm. I got a email from the ex-executive of NCGOP with only , not an attachment, but it looks like really from Watley. So the snake is playing dirty again.

    I did a double take. I didn’t get any other emails from Watley.

    If you want a copy email me.

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