Look, ma. We’re GROWING!

I’ve got some painful news for those of you who have dismissed this site as an insignificant blip on this Internet thingie.  The folks who host this site have presented us with some interesting numbers for a site that, reportedly, doesn’t mean anything and NOBODY reads.

For July 2016, The Daily Haymaker had 503,236 page views and 116,399 unique visitors.  That’s pretty good for a site, operating on a shoestring, focusing pretty much on North Carolina politics.  

June was the high water mark for the year in terms of page views — 544,480.  (There were 125,796 unique visitors to our site that month.)

March gave us the high-water mark for 2016 in terms of visits — 153,607.    March’s page views — 541,776 — came close to matching June’s figures. 

We ended December 2015 with 438,090 page views and 117,309 unique visitors. 

It appears we’re heading in the right direction. We’d like to bring you along wth us.

We’ve got an awful lot of conservative-minded eyes in the Carolinas visiting our site.  (Quite a bit of readership in the legislative building, the governor’s office, and on Capitol Hill, too!) Keep us in mind if your organization, campaign, or business has something it needs to communicate to all of these folks.  

We’ve got some very reasonable advertising rates for customers of all sizes with all kinds of budgets.

Contact us today!

21 thoughts on “Look, ma. We’re GROWING!

  1. Big thumbs up … One of the first places I check each day.
    Be thinking about an alternate means of communications when these morons get antsy and decide to shut down the internet or interrupt services.

  2. My go to page in the a.m. for accurate reporting that our “liberal”” weekly in Pinehurst won’t cover. Heck, it can’t even deliver news in the area. Congrats and keep up the good work!

  3. Good job and so glad you are taking your time to keep us truthfully informed.
    Obviously we appreciate your blog.
    Thank you,
    Jackie Wilson

  4. Congratulations and thank you for all you do. You are our conservative voice in the Sandhills. The Pilot is so biased, I won’t subscribe to it.

  5. Congratulations! I have really depended on your knowledge and insight. Your reporting of current events in Raleigh has been an invaluable tool to counter the lack of news coming from the News and Observer and WRAL.

  6. Well Done! In this age of few alternatives to the invasive Democrat media, its good to know there is a source of information not tethered to a single party or conditioning.

  7. Keep up the good work. It is good to have a source that calls either side on the carpet. The drive-by’s need to take some lessons from what goes on here.

  8. Given the seriousness of this battle for survival “we the people” find ourselves in, it is certainly no time for fraidy cats.
    The Haymaker iS fearless. It is appreciated.

    Browny Douglas

  9. Thank you for your tireless work to expose the hypocrisy of ALL politicians, regardless of party.

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