Lefties using bully tactics to stack state environmental panel?

state sealIt’s pretty obvious that lefties are having a hard time with the GOP running things in Raleigh.  We’ve got a sloppy-fat, jheri-curled “preacher” and the Phish fan club banging pots and pans and hollering in the legislative building.  We’ve got leftist groups bogging down McCrory administration agencies with document requests and lawsuits.  phish

Now, it appears lefties are ready to rumble in order to protect their stranglehold on the formulation of state environmental policy.  Lefties have tried to dramatically curtail and regulate coastal development — alleging that a dramatic rise in the ocean level is eminent.  In 2012, the legislature directed the Coastal Resource Commission to come up with a revised sea level prediction by March 2015.  An advisory panel was to be set up to assist with this effort.  THAT is where the trouble apparently began.

The new powers-that-be have attempted to appoint folks to this sea-rise panel that don’t necessarily drink the Al Gore “sky-is-falling” kool aid. Lefties were not amused:

Climate deniers could soon overtake a North Carolina commission created to study the effects of sea level rise. The nominations are only the latest blow from conservatives that have done their best to make climate change seem inconsequential to the coastal state. In the process, the Republican-controlled legislature managed to bury a key projection of the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission panel: The state’s shores will face more than three feet of sea level rise within the next century.

Larry Baldwin, a current member of the Coastal Resources Commission, wants to nominate climate deniers to fill the science panel’s vacancies, since he is one himself. Some of Baldwin’s top picks are Nicola Scafetta, David Burton, and Robert Brown. Scafetta, a researcher with the Duke University Physics Department, thinks anthropogenic warming is “significantly overstated.” Burton, who has made a “hobby” out of “the study of the science of sea-level rise,” thinks the panel is “outside their area of expertise, really, when it comes to that topic.” And Brown once argued in a blog post against preparing for sea level rise: “Yet we are asked to spend money and time now, when there literally isn’t a hint of a problem in the … empirical data.”

Once considered a scientific panel, the commission has moved in a more conservative and industry-friendly direction ever since the North Carolina legislature removed many of the actual scientists.Models-Wrong-600-wLogo (1)

So, if you don’t worship the gospel of AlGore, you aren’t a scientist?  (By the way, what are Gore’s scientific credentials?) MORE: 

In 2013, Gov. Pat McCrory appointed Frank Gorham, a man whose day job is overseeing his oil and gas investment company and who thinks no scientist “is smart enough to say [sea level] is going to rise 39 inches.”

The panel’s three-foot-rise projection offended the Republican legislature enough in 2012 that it voted officially to ignore it. Hoping to avoid a repeat, the panel will now only look at sea level 30 years into the future. North Carolina’s war on science hasn’t ended there, either. There was another incident where the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources was caught deleting public resources about climate change. […]

Lefties like to tout freedom of speech and the concept of open debate.  But try to question their spin, and they pick up their marbles and go home — verbally abusing you the whole time:

The chairman of the state’s commission that sets coastal development policy deftly defused what could have been the next explosive issue in the politically charged sea-level rise debate by appointing a respected geologist to the commission’s panel of science advisers while passing on nominees who have publicly questioned either the scientific validity of climate change or that seas would rise as a result.

“I really wanted the CRC to be respected,” Frank Gorham, the chairman of the N.C. Coastal Resources Commission, said yesterday after making the appointment. “The way to do that is to respect the process and to respect the current Science Panel. I don’t agree with some of the personal views of some of the panel members but I respect their credentials.”

FYI — Gorham, who gave Pat McCrory’s campaign $8000, is a McCrory appointee. MORE: 


In this charged atmosphere, CRC and Science Panel members nominated 14 people to fill the four vacancies or to become so-called “ad-hoc” members who would assist the panel in devising the new report. Many on the list are noted marine geologists or coastal engineers. Some, though, have no apparent expertise in coastal geology or engineering or in climate science but are frequent contributors to web sites that question various aspects of climate change or have close ties to groups that fiercely opposed the original sea-level report.

Gorham avoided them and appointed Greg “Rudi” Rudolph, a geologist who heads Carteret County’s Shore Protection Office, to the Science Panel. The three other spots should remain vacant until the panel completes its report, Gorham told his Executive Committee yesterday. He said he saw no need to appoint the ad-hoc members.

“I believe with pretty good certainty that we have all the expertise we need on the panel to produce a good report,” Gorham told the committee.

The committee members agreed with their chairman’s assessment and offered no objections.

 Some of the nominees clearly had agendas, Gorham said after the meeting, and he wanted to avoid the media circus that would have surely evolved had any of them been appointed. Gorham would have also likely faced a mutiny by the scientists currently on the panel. Many said they would quit if any of the nominees with credentials they considered questionable were chosen.

Gorham heard the grumblings, but he said they didn’t affect his decision. “I really didn’t do this to avoid a mutiny,” he said. “This was done to respect the CRC and the Science Panel. I want to be known as trying to be fair and to have respect for people’s opinions and the process.”

Science is all about debate and discussion.  For the longest time, the western world thought the Earth was flat.  Until the first landing on the Moon, many scientists seriously thought the Moon’s surface was not solid — almost like quicksand.

We’ve got a chance to inject some common sense into state environmental policy but this McCrory appointee is apparently letting the enviro-nazis maintain their stranglehold on the debate.

11 thoughts on “Lefties using bully tactics to stack state environmental panel?

  1. Whoa!!! Essentially, ‘I’ll quit if I have to deal with people who don’t agree with me’ ??? If you’re on the right side of science, you should be able to prove your case & counter the opposition with facts. If one’s claim can’t be proven, then it is actually just a theory and should not be considered as scientific FACT on which to set policy.

    1. The ”scientific consensus” on manmade global warming is a leftwing made myth, and this article from the Wall Street Journal blows it to shreds:


      Gorham says he wants to be ”respected”. Translated, that means he would rather wave a white flag to the environmental extremists than have to deal with their attack machine. It is sad we have GOP appointees with so little backbone that they can be cowed by the likes of the extreme left ”Think Progress”.

      Gorham needs to go, and the sooner the better.

  2. The global warmists are not representatives of science, but more appropriately representatives of science fiction. Their computer models have been shown to be frauds, and their predictions garbage. Their manipulation of facts, strident suppression of opposing scientific views, and general fanaticism were clearly shown in the Climategate emails. Remember ”Hide the Decline”?

    As to their Chicken Little scare stories on sea level rise, the renowned German magazine Der Spiegel has exposed their lies in this article:


    Gorham’s despicable behavior to stack this panel with true believers in the global warmist ideology remind me of a quote from the immediate past president of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus, who called the global warmists ”a budding totalitarian ideology which is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today”.

    Gorham’s thuggish behavior is right out of the Climategate mentality. Why does he refuse to let both sides be heard?

    1. Global warming refugees!!! Hilarious! This brings so many scenarios to mind. I can just picture hearing next that we are not to use the term “illegal aliens” but rather, they are climate change refugees.

  3. Frank Gorham is clearly a follower of Al Gore and Barack Obama on this issue. This music satire from Minnesotans for Global Warming would be an appropriate theme song for his tenure in his present position:


    ”Hide the Decline” to the tune of Tommy James and the Shondels ”Draggin’ the Line”.

    Was does our governor appoint such people to important policy positions?

  4. The Earth’s weather has been cyclical for over 200,000 years. There is no proof of man-made global warming. Man-made pollution is an entirely different scenario. The Green Energy agenda is to put us back in the dark ages. Businesses who adopted the solar panels to save energy costs are now being fined for going off the grid. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. You can’t have it both ways. When the Chicago Exchange was founded many wealthy individuals put their money into the Global Warming agenda knowing that it was a scam to fleece the American people and corporations out of billions of dollars. It would be nice if we could have honest scientists working for us instead of being funded by special interests groups.

    1. Thom TIllis’ record is to be clearly a part of that Green Energy agenda. If he wants to get conservative votes in November, he needs to clearly seperate himself from that record. He may have missed a great chance to do that in this legislative session, and he still seems to be silent on the EPA carbon rules which will drive electric rates through the roof.

      1. You see things “clearly” which exist only in your imagination. If you want to know where Thom stands on an issue, don’t assume the worst and them bash him for what amounts to nothing more than your fevered imagination. Just ask him!

        1. Dave, you are still drinking the Kool Aid. Go back and read the articles on this site about the Renewable Energy Mandate and Tillis’ fingerprints all over that.

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