Just say NO to do-nothing UNC board members seeking votes for other offices at election time.

Republicans have TWO such critters on the primary ballot this year.  Dave Boliek, Jr., running for state auditor, and Brad Briner, running for state treasurer, both serve on the University of North Carolina Board of Trustees.  Both serve on the Board with, and are good pals of,  Jim BlaineRenfield to Phil Berger’s Dracula. 

Boliek is a lawyer who has been a Republican for all of fifteen minutes.  (Full disclosure: I was a big fan of his dad, who used to report on-air for ABC11 in Durham.  Dave Boliek Sr. and I crossed paths several times professionally during my time in the drive-by media.)

Briner lives in conservative mecca Chapel Hill and  is one of three people who manage billionaire gun control fan and soft drink regulator Michael Bloomberg‘s money.  Briner’s boss managed Obama’s Detroit bailout and is a big fan of things like ESG and investing in communist China.  Briner has been running ads claiming it’s just not true that he’s a fan of things like ESG.  (His two bosses – including Bloomberg – ARE, though.). If what Briner says in the ads is true, WHY does he continue to work there and take money from them?  Is he telling that us he’ll do ANYTHING if the money is right?  (We already have TOO MANY people like that in state government.)

While Briner and Boliek have sat on the board, radical anti-Jewish behavior has exploded on UNC campuses.  DEI and CRT are stronger than ever within campus operations. Students who believe there are only two genders, and that ONLY women can have babies are viewed as nut cases. Conservative academics are still black-balled and screwed over regarding employment at UNC. And these Republican-appointed board members sit there quietly on their hands, enjoying the cocktail parties and basketball tickets.

Boliek and Briner have both failed miserably on their current oversight assignment at UNC. How can we expect better from them in the new oversight roles they are currently seeking votes for?