JIHAD: Pinehurst resort stands strong in face of attacks from SCC’s John Dempsey, liberal hordes

download (6)We’ve had quite the political theater here in our sleep little resort town.  On one side, we have the retirees and housewives of the Moore Republican Women who just wanted to host Dr. Bill Warner, a renowned critic of Islamic fundamentalism, at their monthly meeting at the Pinehurst Resort.  On the other side, we have Sandhills Community College president John Dempsey and his buddies in the Moore Democrat Party trying to block Warner from even speaking.  I understand they’ve gotten rather aggressive with Pinehurst CEO Tom Pashley and have even threatened  to go to the USGA and PGA to pull their involvement with Pinehurst if Warner is allowed to speak on resort property.

 And in the middle, we have our friend Tom Pashley and the world-renowned golf resort that provides our little village its name. 

Here’s Moore Republican Women president Kay Wildt earlier today sounding the alarm:

Moore Republican Women have invited Dr. Bill Warner to speak to its members and guests on May 15 at The Pinehurst Members Club on his topic “Political Islam.” The space at PMC has been under contract for many months.

In the last week, a few influential members of the liberal community have begun to pressure the PMC to cancel Dr. Warner’s appearance atdempseyj-large their venue. Dr. John Dempsey, President of Sandhills Community College, met with the Pinehurst CEO Tom Pashley to protest Dr. Warner’s appearance and additionally advised the Pinehurst Controller that Dr. Warner was “unstable.” This is the same Dr. Dempsey who has stated that he will not enforce HB 2 at the College.

Mr. Pashley has suggested that MRW should consider moving the venue to another location, either at PMC or off site, to avoid contact with members who have protested to him against Dr. Warner’s appearance. Pashley states that he continues to receive complaints from members, who also threaten to take their complaints to the USGA urging them to boycott Pinehurst for golf tournaments. Mr Pashley did state that he had watched Dr. Warner on YouTube and did not find his presentation objectionable.

I have had haranguing calls from opponents in the community who seem to be quite leftist. When I questioned them, they admitted to never having heard any speech or YouTube video of Dr. Warner’s. A reporter from The Pilot called to request comments for an article that she was preparing; however, I haveBaby-Says-Shut-Up-Picture not had time to respond, and I hardly expect fair treatment by the extremely liberal Pilot. I understand that a negative Op Ed piece will appear in Sunday’s Pilot.

Although I have no evidence to back it up, I strongly suspect that CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center have had a hand in attempting to block Dr. Warner’s appearance, as they have done at other appearances that he has scheduled. The SPLC contends that Dr. Warner is a “hate speaker.” He is not. However, he is one who speaks factually and dispassionately about the history and practices of Islam to explain the apparent contradiction between a religion of “peace” and a religion whose documents preach enslaving captives, stoning women to death, and urging followers to commit atrocities.

I have contacted the members of Moore Republican Women and requested that they express support for Dr. Warner’s appearance to [Pinehurst Members Club].

I am contacting each of you to request that you support MRW by expressing to PMC and Mr. Pashley your displeasure at this obvious attempt to inhibit free speech.

Kay is one of the nicest, most diplomatic, easy-going ladies I’ve ever met.  You’ve got be quite the low-life to even get in her face. MrJihad

You also have to ask what is going on with John Dempsey.  We’ve documented before that he hired a professional race-baiter / agitator as a vice-president for “diversity.”  She was charged with overseeing the leftist brainwashing and “sensitivity training” of college employees.   He also threw a fit in his buddy David Woronoff’s paper about how he was going to quit if the college’s board made him keep boys out of the girl’s restroom.  Now here he is trying to (1) bully one of the real assets to our community, (2) stomp on the First Amendment, and (3) carry water for the ‘Allah-Akbar-KABOOM’ crowd.

Dempsey’s been at the college a loooooooong time.  Maybe it’s time to start looking at , um, “retirement” and gearing up a search committee.  

Later in the day, it appeared that Pashley and Pinehurst shrugged off the efforts of Dempsey & co.  Here’s Ms. Kay:

Update: Mr. Tom Pashley just called to say that MRW is welcome to hold Dr. Warner’s presentation in the St. Andrews Room, located in the Golf Center immediately next to the Members Club.

We will use the normal valet parking but will direct babymembers and guests next door. The advantage of the St. Andrews Room is that it has doors that can be closed to make the event private. This is the same room that we used when the Members club was under renovation.

I understand from a very reliable source that Democrats have mounted an aggressive campaign to complain to the resort management.

I thanked Mr. Pashley and others involved in the decision for taking a principled stand.

21 thoughts on “JIHAD: Pinehurst resort stands strong in face of attacks from SCC’s John Dempsey, liberal hordes

  1. Dempsey should be fired over this, but Republicans in Raleigh are too stupid to do it.

    1. Completely agree! The entire UNC system needs to purged of fascist administrators who foist their leftist agenda within their staffing ranks and then onto the student population. There is never an open and fair forum for dissenting views. And, they do all of this on our dime. McCrory’s love fest with education liberals and the abject failure of the GOP majority to do anything about this is why they are all dangling by a thread in November.

    2. Who has the power to fire Dempsey? Can the local Community College board do it? If so, do you have the appointees with the backbone to do that.

      Dempsey is a despicable leftwing thug who needs to go.

      The Southern Poverty Law Center is itself a hate group of the very extreme left, and it is laughable when they try to apply that term to anyone else. The hate speech of the SPLC instigated a shooting at the Family Researach Council not long ago.

  2. God bless Mr. Pashley for his courage in supporting the 1st Amendment! I am ashamed of SCC College President John Dempsey’s bullying of Kay Wildt, she is a total class act, apologies are in order!

  3. God bless Mr. Pashley for his courage in supporting the 1st Amendment! I am ashamed of SCC College President John Dempsey’s bullying of Kay Wildt, she is a total class act, apologies are in order!

  4. Thank you Mr. Pas hey for standing firm for our 1st Amendment rights.

    I have reviewed several of Mr. Warner’s YouTube videos and have not found any content that could be labeled as hate speech. He presents factual information in a dispassionate manner. He, of course, has his opinions on Islam. If Dr. Dempsey does not agree with his views, rather than shut down free speech, the answer is MORE free speech. As College president, surely he can find and host a speaker that may have a different point of view. This is how we learn and diffuse prejudice.

    Now, why should I have to point this out to a professor of higher education?

  5. And, just think: most of the anti-First Amendment commotion was paid for by the NC tax-payer. It appears we have a floating charter at Sandhills CC that is no longer focused on education, but on championing leftist ideological fads. Didn’t this college prez just say he would not comply with HB2, which is the law, whether he likes it or not, and is compelled to comply as an officer of the state?

  6. John Dempsey should be called to task for his blatant refusal to follow the law on HB2 and for his actions against the First Amendment. The state budgets over $199,000 for his salary and from what I understand he gets housing on campus as a benefit, funded in part by the taxpayers. In my opinion, that entitles him to do his job and to obey the law; it does not entitle him to issue public comments about what he perceives to be wrong. Speaking for me is way beyond his job description. Based on what he has said about Dr. Warner, I am wondering who is the “unstable” one here. Perhaps Dr. Dempsey should spend a little less time pontificating about his liberal ideology and more time figuring out why SCC has a completion rate of about 11 percent! Or better yet, perhaps he should just retire and enjoy the Pinehurst Country Club membership that we, the taxpayers, have helped to fund through his state-sponsored salary.

  7. When we forget history or manipulate it our future is bleak. The closed minded that wish to suppress information are assisting with the submission of America.

    The left , socialist/communist of this county want to label everything as hate or racists to shut people up. Our great country needs open discussions so truths can come out .

  8. I am a member of Pinehurst Country Club.

    I find their “Separate but equal” accommodations to be unacceptable.

    Mr Dempsey is chairing a discussion with two four star generals and one four star admiral in the Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst Country Club on Wednesday 18 May at 7pm.

    We all need to show up and ask questions of Mr Dempsey. Why should he feel comfortable at our club?

    1. Thank you for having the guts to say this. Shoving Dr. Warner into another building so that the members who object don’t have to interact with the riff-raff who are attending the program is unacceptable to me as well. It is NOT a victory for free speech. It’s a passive-aggressive way to mollify the people who support Dr. Warner while still caving to the demands of the liberals who wish him to be silenced.

    2. Excellent comment. Typical of the Pilot, huge glowing article on Dempsey and the admirals; nothing on Dr. Bill Warner speaking. One small way to take a stand is to cancel (if indeed you have one) your subscription to the Pilot and let them know why.

  9. I am very grateful to Mr. Pashley for his courage in this matter. Moore Republican Women are courageous conservatives committed to our military, literacy, and education. To have Dr. Dempsey, a so-called “educator,” attempt to shut down this event is egregious and is emblematic of the failed philosophies of academic institutions across America today.

  10. Many thanks to Haymaker for publishing this information. I doubt we’ll read anything about it in the Pilot which is sad for a weekly hometown newspaper.

  11. Conservatives had better wake up and learn to speak up. You don’t like the laws? Hold the state hostage until they change them. You don’t like a speaker? Terrorize the venue hosting it. Rules for Radicals. It works.

  12. Dempsey should be out on the street today stripped of his big salary and office. But the typical Republican doesn’t realize that McCrory and the GOP legislative powers are doing everything they can to protect the liberal establishment that has seized control of our state’s universities and community colleges. If the average grass roots Republican activist knew how little the NC GOP Establishment cared about Dempsey and those like him, they would march on Raleigh and throw every Republican legislator out in the street!

  13. “I understand they’ve gotten rather aggressive with Pinehurst CEO Tom Pashley and have even threatened to go to the USGA and PGA to pull their involvement with Pinehurst if Warner is allowed to speak on resort property.”

    Do you have proof of this or is just hearsay?

  14. Tom Pashley, President of the Pinehurst Resort, called me on 5/10 to clarify that he and Dr. John Dempsey did not meet to discuss Dr. Warner’s presentation, but rather had a “productive telephone call” about it.

  15. I heard Dempsey speak at a Rotary function once. He had 15 minutes to speak and he took 10 minutes of his time trying to push his liberal left wing idiotic opinions on everyone else there. He only spoke about the college for 5 minutes. I commend Mr. Pashley for standing up to the cocky bully that goes by the name of John Dempsey.

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