Hypocrisy ALERT: “election results acceptance”


Republican candidates from sea-to-shining-sea are being badgered by the trolls in the drive-by media to “accept the election results.”  *Will you accept the final numbers?  Yes?  No? Why not? Mehhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!*

The end-game here is to paint the GOPers into a corner so that it will be really hard for them to protest ANY perceived evidence of vote fraud in the aftermath of the election. Donald Trump got beat over the head with the will-you-or-won’t-you questions and was painted as a fascist thug for not committing to unconditional acceptance of unofficial vote totals.

Dare to question anything you see or hear regarding elections, and you get labeled crazy, or fascist, or plain evil by the drive-by media and their howling, rabid leftist lackeys.

Here in North Carolina, GOP senatorial nominee Ted Budd stood strong in the face of withering drive-by demands that he blindly and unconditionally accept election totals and refuse any temptation to challenge them.  Budd lasted for a few days, but then gave the rabid mob what they wanted. Surrender.  A pledge to unconditionally accept what happens.

It’s interesting that these demands to “accept-the-numbers-or-else” do not seem to apply to leftist candidates.  Does everyone remember Al Gore and the 2000 presidential vote?  His campaign and supporters threw the nation into chaos for 36 days after Election Day — refusing to accept the vote totals. 

I have not heard a single drive-by heap scorn on him for being a threat to democracy.  Not one.

There was not one peep of protest about Gore even presiding over the 2001 certification of the 2000 election.  Though, in 2021, there was palpable outrage from the port side and from Never-Trumpers about VP Mike Pence even showing his face at the certification.

Joe Biden’s current press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, vehemently protested the final election numbers in 2016.  Her heroine was denied four more years at 1600 Penn.  *How was that possible?*

The silence from the drive-by media trolls is deafening.

Remember the 9th district congressional race in 2018? Democrat Dan McCready was hailed as a hero for challenging election results.  Republican Mark Harris was slandered from head-to-toe and run right out of polite society.  (No charges were ever filed against Harris, his aides, or anyone related to the election.). The NCGOPe helped the Democrats get an election do-over.  (Ginger STILL lost.)

Hollering about alleged election fraud is okey-dokey if you are part of the same party as most of the drive-by media.

Hillary Clinton, as late as 2019, was describing Donald Trump as “an illegitimate president.”  It doesn’t sound like she was very accepting of the 2016 results.

It’s funny.  (Not ha-ha funny.). The media is so quick to label vote fraud allegations as “false.” They won’t even wait for the evidence.  When evidence does appear to be somewhat credible, lefties sniff that — even if the allegations prove true — the “fraud” was not enough to change the results.  If you add up ALL the reports nationwide featuring credible evidence of fraud, you’d have a very interesting case for re-examining 2020.  Hell, we’ve even got a report in North Carolina of one of Biden’s DOJ anti-vote fraud lawyers allegedly breaking election law.

Republicans should not allow themselves to be brow-beaten into unconditionally accepting election tallies or surrendering their right to challenge suspicious numbers and activities.  Surrendering on those points is the true threat to democracy and freedom.