Hoh, Hoh, Hoh: NC Greenie shows his true colors


For all of those who cheered long-shot Green Party candidate Matthew Hoh as a voting rights hero in his fight to stay on the November ballot for North Carolina’s Senate race, get a load of THIS. 

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh highlighted Hoh in one of his recent podcasts — more specifically, one of Hoh’s Tweets:


*It warms your heart to see that trademarked leftist tolerance and kindness on display.*

You may remember that Walsh gained some recent notoriety for his documentary film “What is a Woman?”  — profiling this whole transgender thing and the radical left’s apparent confusion about how to tell a woman from a man.  

Oh,  the Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd ought to lovvvvvvvvvve this guy.  He’s right up their alley.  Cherie Beasley and the NC Democrats should be worried about him and the possibility of his attracting just enough leftist wacko protest votes to help our friend Ted. 

After seeing this, I am even more glad that he’s on the ballot.  It will serve the leftist goons who currently have the Democrat Party in a stranglehold just right to be eaten by one of their own creations.