#hayesscandal: Canceled. Surprised? (not here)


Look what popped up on Twitter a little while ago:



I pegged it.  Right on the money.  These people are going to bury their heads in the sand and not do one doggone thing.


Oh, they might figure out some way where Robin — if convicted — and Dallas — if indicted and convicted — can work from their respective cells.


But you’re going to have to drag them away from Robin and Dallas kicking and screaming.  Never mind the horrifying details contained in the indictment documentation.  It’s all about power and proximity to said power and its accompanying cash.  The optics, the party’s reputation, and the ideals in its platform are a distant, distant, distant, distant second to desires of these selfish, pathetic people.



Is ANYONE in power at the party even the least bit curious about WHO EMAILED THE SCREENSHOT? 


There is a long laundry list of reasons to toss Robin ( documented in the indictment documentation and the archives of this website) and Dallas (documented in the archives of this website, throughout the drive by media, and the annals of YouTube).    The fact that excuses are being made to justify their behavior — the fact that there is all this foot-dragging on the question of severing ties with them — speaks volumes about the quality of people the NCGOP has in charge right now.