Guess Who’s Back. Back Again. Dallas is Back. (Tell A Friend.)



I found an interesting notation at the very bottom of the NCGOP’s year-end financial report.




“Woodhouse Consulting and Management.”    Founded on October 1.  Sees its first paycheck on November 11.





Well,  this certainly sounds like a winning move for the “new era” NCGOP.  Bring back the guy who presided over the utter collapse of the 2010-2012 Raleigh Republican revolution.   (Take a minute or two to tally up all the GOP losses since Dallas and his Grandpa took the helm on Hillsborough Street.)



Savvy political observer are seeing the return of Dallas as a move by the Tillis political organization to keep its talons locked tightly on the goings-on at state GOP HQ.  And who better to put out-front for such an operation?  Dallas will do or say ANYTHING Team Thom tells him to do.   Nothing is too outrageous.    (Not even THIS, apparently.)


4 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back. Back Again. Dallas is Back. (Tell A Friend.)

  1. Tillis’ may not be all we want…..but thankfully we have Tillis’ instead of Hagan!!!!!! If Dallas helped with this: thank you!

  2. This guy is a complete egomaniac idiot who is very lucky to have been protected by big money.
    Dallas Woodhouse should go to the private sector NOW; that is, if anyone will hire him.

  3. A complete self-absorbed, egotistical jack-ass. This is a man who has been protected by a big money individual. Go and find a real job in the “private sector”… if you can?

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