Grey skies over WRAL-TV …


David Crabtree is made to apologize on-air for what sounds like an extramarital affair.  Veteran weatherman Greg Fishel resigns with a statement that reads like something cooked up by the HR department and lawyers.

And Laura Leslie — #blessherheart — is STILL employed.)

WRAL also got into a nasty fight — involving lawyers — with WTVD and some Raleigh businesses over rights to sponsor and broadcast the annual Christmas parade.

My, how things have fallen down at the station since the days of Charlie Gaddy, Tom Suiter and Jesse Helms.

If Crabtree can have an “inappropriate relationship” that costs him his priesthood, and Leslie can accuse North Carolina churchgoers of instigating a massacre at an Orlando, FL gay nightclub  — and stay on the air — you have to wonder HOW BAD FIshel had to have messed up to basically get hustled off the air.  

Sources close to the TV station tell us that WRAL was close to imploding into  a state of pure chaos and anarchy if Fishel had not taken the steps he eventually did.

6 thoughts on “Grey skies over WRAL-TV …

  1. The statement they released leaves a lot of room for speculation. The truth will eventually surface. One truth is, who cares?

  2. FWIW… Fishel’s abrupt departure is NOT related to his views on Climate Change and NOT related to WRAL’s owner – Jim Goodmon Sr – being a Radical Left-WingMedia Mogul – “The George Soros of The Triangle”.

    If Fishel was a prominent Not-Liberal be assured this situation would be “The Lead Story” by both WRAL and by The N&O. But “the media” protects it’s own…

  3. I bet he admitted to be a good man and a godly man. That doesn’t fit the business model of WRAL for the last 25 years aka the weirdo era of parson Crabbytrer

  4. I can relate to Greg Fishel. I worked for a prominent roofing company here in Raleigh for almost 41 years and recently resigned. Don’t know if Greg was facing what I was which was I was training my replacement and it became overly obvious that I was being pushed out the door 6 years before my retirement. I feel for Greg and hope the best for him. I hope he at least receives a good severance package and a nice retirement, he sure deserves both. Unlike myself who not only didn’t receive any severance or retirement, I haven’t been contacted at all in 4 months!

    1. Amen. I got the political riff at NCDOT caused by my Republicans from Brunswick County and misused by my hater manager who moved on to knife the Director of the Rail Division at NCDOT and is now the Director of Rail Division. I too pray that Greg got a decent severance pay and a decent retirement from crappy WRAL and CBC

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