Grey skies over WRAL-TV …


David Crabtree is made to apologize on-air for what sounds like an extramarital affair.  Veteran weatherman Greg Fishel resigns with a statement that reads like something cooked up by the HR department and lawyers.

And Laura Leslie — #blessherheart — is STILL employed.)

WRAL also got into a nasty fight — involving lawyers — with WTVD and some Raleigh businesses over rights to sponsor and broadcast the annual Christmas parade.

My, how things have fallen down at the station since the days of Charlie Gaddy, Tom Suiter and Jesse Helms.

If Crabtree can have an “inappropriate relationship” that costs him his priesthood, and Leslie can accuse North Carolina churchgoers of instigating a massacre at an Orlando, FL gay nightclub  — and stay on the air — you have to wonder HOW BAD FIshel had to have messed up to basically get hustled off the air.  

Sources close to the TV station tell us that WRAL was close to imploding into  a state of pure chaos and anarchy if Fishel had not taken the steps he eventually did.