Grassroots action is paying off ! (Keep it up)

watch like hawk



The establishment and the MSM have worked hard to slander and defame Tea Partiers in the eyes of their low-information audiences.  The Washington Post — yep, THEMsuggests that the GOP needs to treat The Tea Party like  Slick Willie Clinton treated that skank Sista Souljah back in 1992.

The Establishment and The MSM treat the grassroots like any other political action group — like the NAACP, NARAL, and Right To Life.  In fact, it’s an eclectic group of taxpayers who(1)  have lost faith in the folks elected to represent them in government and (2) are taking overt, aggressive steps to pressure their duly elected representatives to actually DO what they were elected to do.

At the state level, we’re already seeing results. It’s sad that we have to beat on our elected Republicans to actually adhere to the party platform and its free market / limited government planks.  But in this day and age, WE HAVE TO. 

Gov. Pat and Speaker Thom started off talking about ObamaCare in terms of it being “the law of the land” and something we were just going to have to bend over and take.  After a little bit of, ahem, persuasion, they were both on board with legislative action to block the expansion of Medicaid and delay the implementation of ObamaCare in the state.

Word leaked out that a potential sweetheart deal to hook Jerry Richardson up with local and state tax dollars for the renovation of his football stadium.  Speaker Thom and Senate president pro tem Phil Berger spoke favorably about the importance of The Panthers to the state.  They held private meetings with Richardson.  Then, the heat comes from the grassroots.  Soon, Tillis is pledging “no direct” tax dollars for Jerry’s stadium.   Now, the story is a plan to allow existing state funds to be used to pay for stadium renovations. A little bit more heat will likely push that idea completely off of the table.

The grassroots actually makes politicos nervous, and pushes them in the right direction.  Do you really think organizations like The Washington Post have the best interests of the GOP at heart?  IF The Tea Party is really and truly hurting the GOP, lefty media would be speaking lovingly about the grassroots, instead of people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Grassroots activists are helping to make smoke-filled backroom deals a thing of the past and moving accountability to the voters to the top of the list.  The pressure needs to stay on.  It’s about more than rallies.  It’s about getting in their faces — like in the 2010 town halls — and demanding answers.  It’s about staying informed and calling B.S. when the politicians and the media lie to you.  I know we’re all busy with our work and family activities.  But this is all about the survival of our state, country and way of life.  Backing off these politicians is akin to leaving the kids home alone, with the liquor cabinet unlocked, while you go away for the weekend.  The potential for trouble is HIGH.