Gov. Stoopid, his executive orders, and our compliant & silent General Assembly


I could have SWORN we had checks and balances built into state government similar to those in the federal government.


We’ve got a really not-very-bright Democrat governor (reelected with the help of a LOT of Mecklenburg RINOs & Thom Tillis fans) issuing declarations that we have to comply with or risk being arrested.  Section 5,  Item 10 of the state constitution would seem to indicate that Stoopid has to submit his orders to the legislature for review and get their approval before they take the force of law.


We’re not hearing a lick about the alleged  “opposition party” controlling the legislature giving Stoopid’s declarations even a second of thought.  The big dummy is being given dictatorial power, basically, while our alleged representatives are too busy with scooping up PAC money to look after us.


Meanwhile, Stoopid has the economy locked down.   Businesses are failing.  People are losing their jobs.  Kids are falling behind in school.


The constitution appears to give legislators the right to review, revise, approve or reject any of Stoopid’s proclamations.  It’s time to see some cojones AND some action along those lines.