From “Genius” to “Tarheel of The Year”: Lefties inflate ‘The Round Rev’

At first,I thought the news of William Barber being named a MacArthur  “Genius”  was the work of ‘The Onion’ or another of James O’Keefe’s hijinks.  But NO, it was true.

Now comes The N&O.  With all of the possible choices for ‘Tarheel of The Year,’  they had to pick “Rev. Race Pimp” himself.

I’ve never encountered another pastor who compares himself to Jesus Christ as much as this guy does.  

Jesus advocated for neighbors to reach out and help their neighbors in need.  I can’t find the biblical passages where he calls for government confiscation of private assets to be redistributed as the government sees fit. (Apparently. it’s IN Barber’s Bible.)

Grab your sick bags and prepare yourself:

Half an hour into a sermon at the National Cathedral in Washington last June about people living on the margins of American society, the Rev. William J. Barber II paused to ask, “Can I preach like I would at home for a minute?”

He shed his professorial tone and slipped into the more passionate style he uses in his pulpit at the mostly African-American Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro.

Heading into the crescendo of his message of how God uses people who have been rejected by society to bring about revolution, he played his voice like a pipe organ, hitting high notes and low ones, holding some and snapping others off. He boomed. He whispered. He trembled. He sweated. […]

God fomented “revolution” ???  Jesus made a point of advocating non-violence and brotherly love.  There were zealots who disagreed with him and wanted to strike out in violence against Romans and other oppressors of the Jewish people.  But that message didn’t come from God or his son.

Talk about creative preaching.


[…]He brought the congregation to its feet.

Asking permission was rhetorical. Barber was going to preach anyway. The truth is, he is at home any time he is talking about the condition of America’s poor, whether that’s at a protest at the N.C. Legislative Building in Raleigh, a get-out-the-vote rally in Mississippi, an international conference at the Vatican or a cathedral in the U.S. capital.[…]

God wasn’t much interested in DEMOCRAT get-out-the-vote rallies in Mississippi (or anywhere else), or glittery media events at The Vatican or The National Cathedral.  He would have been more pleased with the hundreds and thousands of North Carolinians from all walks of life who came together — independently and through groups like Samaritan’s Purse and North Carolina Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief — to aid state residents who had been  ravaged by severe weather.  Or folks like those in Southern Pines — from across the racial, gender, and economic spectrum — who came together to provide bicycles to needy kids as part of Operation Santa. 

But efforts like those are typically paid for by private funds and executed by non-governmental employees acting out of the goodness of their hearts.  Socialists don’t like to hear about stuff like that. 


[…] Barber, 55, is The News & Observer’s 2018 Tar Heel of the Year, an honor that recognizes a North Carolina resident who has made lasting and significant contributions in the state and beyond. Four finalists also are honored.

Since stepping down as president of the N.C. NAACP last year, Barber has gone national, using the strategies and momentum of the Moral Monday Movement that brought worldwide attention to what Barber called the regressive policies of extremist North Carolina lawmakers.[…]

Hmmm.  This is a news story and there are NO QUOTES around the word extremist.


[…] When Barber and his followers first gathered to protest the actions of the N.C. General Assembly starting in 2007, he told them that if they pushed back against laws that hurt poor people, women, gays, immigrants, minorities and the uninsured, they could save their state. Now he tells protesters, “We’re fighting to save the soul of America.”

With his skills as a theo-political strategist, his focus on the big picture, his deep understanding of history and his ability to move an audience’s emotions the way a conductor directs a symphony, Barber may be in a unique position to force a conversation about what it means for America to have 140 million citizens living in poverty or with low wealth.

Barber believes he will be wasting his life if he doesn’t try.

“You can’t follow Jesus and not say something when you see injustice,” Barber says. “We’re not allowed to stand down and retreat. The prophetic call demands that we say something.”[…]

While Franklin Graham and many others tirelessly and quietly do good works around the state, country, and world, ‘The Round Rev’ earns praise from lefties and their media comrades for beating the war drums for socialism from behind the church pulpit.  Barber is little more than a useful idiot aiding the leftist agenda to keep black Americans tethered to the Democrat Party and the soul-killing social welfare state. 

Nothing heroic or admirable about that.