Focus on tax returns, Islam video distract from Left’s failures

I’ve seen and heard WAY too much lately about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.  The Obama sycophants at the AP slobbered all over the Romney documents, pointing out — from the Marxist, statist, class warfare perspective —  how much the Mittster made and the percentage he paid.  WHO CARES ??????

We are on the verge of an economic collapse.  We have record unemployment.  Islamists are rioting around the world.  Japan and China are threatening each other with war.  Mitt Romney’s tax returns have nothing to do with any of that.

The Fourth Estate — our allegedly independent mainstream media — should be holding our leaders’ feet to the fire to get them to explain HOW they plan to fix this mess.  Yet, we keep getting news reports about what percentage the Mittster did or did not pay and  how all of this anti-American violence around the world is related to some obscure video made by a guy in California.  Never mind that the Libyan government has said al Qaeda was behind it all.

It’s also come out that the ringleader behind the Libya attack that killed our ambassador was a former resident of Guantanamo.  Leftist jackals — including then-Sens. Rodham-Clinton and Hussein Obama — howled at President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld about the terrorist detention center on the US base in Cuba.  They demanded lawyers for the POWs, and an upgrade in living conditions there that rivaled or exceeded mainland American prisons.  Leftists demanded a population reduction and an eventual closure of Gitmo.

The Bush administration, disappointingly, caved in to the leftist majority in Congress and started releasing Gitmo prisoners — including the guy that led the Libya attack on our embassy.

People are expressing amazement that the Obamaites and their allies are sticking with this story about the video.  It’s much better — in the Obamaites’  eyes — to go with that story than to admit that the guys they fought to release from Gitmo are now back in the business of killing Americans.

Our military folks are now starting to feel like cops back home — stepping out into dangerous climates to capture scumbags who quickly get dumped back into society by our own government. 

It’s so much easier to whine about how stinking rich Mitt Romney is than to admit to the voters that they are unemployed and nearly broke thanks to failed big government policies.

The crowd running the show in DC is endangering our national security — from an economic, military and diplomatic standpoint.  Don’t believe the garbage being disseminated by the DC establishment and the media.  Everyone who is IN, needs to be OUT.