Farewell to the shih-tzu

shihtzuSomething’s missing.  There is a real void on Raleigh’s Jones and McDowell Streets.  Apparently, John Drescher’s pet shih-tzu has run off to Denver, CO for greener pastures.

Mr. Frank’s absence has had a clear effect on the product of McClatchy’s Raleigh subsidiary.  Some of WRAL Binky’s incompetence would rub off on him — occasionally — but, once in a while, he’d ask some good questions and come up with some good tidbits. Now, we’re getting an awful lot of copy from McClatchy’s out-of-state holdings, and not so much locally-generated copy.

Why did Mr. Drescher’s lap dog run off?  Wake County sources familiar with the goings-on in The N&O newsroom tell me that Frank was upset at management for not living up to their promises.  Word is that Frank was to be eased in gradually as the new top face of N&O political coverage as geriatric Marxist toady Rob Christensen was guided to the pasture. RobRielleWHo is really old, and can’t hang around for ever.robc

 As it became clear that RobRielle was not going anywhere for a while, Frank reportedly got annoyed and began looking around.  But, hey.  *You can’t get enough lengthy columns about which 19th century governor was the best, or regurgitated, verbatim Ben Ray talking points. *

We had the pleasure of meeting Frank in person.  He is a nice young guy that conservatives CAN do business with.

We wish Mr. Frank the best in his new home.  McClatchy has developed a rep as one of the most troubled media holding companies.  The fact that they are betting the future of their Raleigh flagship on a guy, bouncing back and forth as a reporter and columnist, who has been pissing off everybody right of Chris Fitzsimon for decades just adds to that kind of talk.