Drivebys do Left’s dirty work: tie Confederate flag, Nazi flag together

We know it’s a major component of the left’s campaign strategy for 2016:  demagogue the Confederate flag and make Southern Republicans PROVEdbm they are not racists.  It’s a move that would make Big Barry and Saul Alinsky’s rotting corpse proud.

Now, along comes McClatchy — which owns The N&O, The Charlotte Observer and  most of the remaining big drive-by newspapers in our fair state.  They’ve put out a piece, from one of their staff writers, entitled: How Germany dealt with its symbols of hate.  Oh, a history lesson about post-War Europe. But, no, we’re getting more than that: 

After 1945, almost anything that said Nazi-era was destroyed. Unmarked graves became the norm for Nazi officials. Chiseled swastikas were ground off buildings. Monuments and statues were torn down.

The Soviets ripped Hitler’s chancellery to pieces. Until recently, the ground where Hitler’s body was found, above the bunker in which he killed himself, was left as an unmarked parking lot. A military jail in Spandau (a district of Berlin) that was used to house high-ranking Nazis such as Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess was torn down to prevent it from becoming a site of pilgrimage to neo-Nazis. Officials went so far as to pulverize the bricks and throw the remains into the North Sea.

Not so the Confederate battle flag, which was rehabilitated by the Ku Klux Klan in the early 20th century. It found its way into cemeteries, flag stands and even as part of some official state flags. The flag itself would fly over statehouses in several former Confederate states.conf

Deidre Berger, director of the American Jewish Committee office in Berlin, notes that it’s difficult to compare anything to the mass genocide of the Holocaust. But, she said, the symbols of the Holocaust and of slavery both represent intense hatred.

“They’re symbols of a way of life that is completely unacceptable,” she said. “I think with the fall of the Nazi regime, Germans realized the only way to again become a valid nation was to eliminate the symbols. Banning them was appropriate. Americans made a different choice with the symbols of the Confederacy.”

*Thaaaaaat’s right.  Go overseas for commentary on how Americans ought to change their culture and beliefs.*

 Oh, it gets even more nauseating: 

“Symbols are important, they’re a shorthand groups use in a single image to convey a world of information,” said Mark Potok, an expert on extremism for the Soutdrivehern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., who notes that some Southern states took to flying the battle flag in the 1960s as a protest against the integration of schools. “The official reaction in recent weeks against the Confederate battle flag has been impressive, though you could argue it was 150 years late.”

It’s notable that when Ku Klux Klan members recently rallied in South Carolina, they carried both the battle flag and the Nazi swastika. The two flags in recent years have been commonly seen together at white supremacist groups and gatherings.

“Those who fly both flags rely on horribly distorted versions of history,” said Potok. “They both say that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, and that the Holocaust was exaggerated, or didn’t happen.”

Remember Potok?  He was the guy who publicly smeared The Family Research Council  — former Senate candidate Mark Harris’s friends — as hatemongers.  His rants inspired a leftwing kook to shoot up the Council’s DC offices.   *Miiiigthy appropriate* to be citing him as a source, huh? 

Brace yourselves folks.  This is just the warm-up act.  The world is on fire.  The economy is teetering on the edge.  Schools are a mess.  And we’re going to have in-depth debates on how the flag — a historical artifact — makes black people feel? 

And here is the final ridiculous reach: drive_by_media1

Just how many human beings were enslaved in the United States is a much debated topic. Records show that an estimated 450,000 Africans were kidnapped in Africa and brought to what became the United States. But generations of children born to those captives were slaves, too, and they numbered in the millions. By the time the Confederacy fell in 1865, the number of people who’d been held as slaves over the decades would be similar to the 11 million murdered by Nazi Germany, demographers say.

Whaaaaaaa ????  So, we’re tying an internal conflict inside the United States to a world-wide rampage by criminals who sought to take over the world and exterminate an entire race?   Unbelievable.  (But Barry Obama is president.  Nothing surprises me anymore.) 


7 thoughts on “Drivebys do Left’s dirty work: tie Confederate flag, Nazi flag together

  1. “So, we’re tying an internal conflict inside the United States to a world-wide rampage by criminals who sought to take over the world and exterminate an entire race?”
    Exterminate is not the word to use. Slave holders sure did not want to exterminate their “capital”. “Exploit” is more on the mark.

  2. All one has to do is watch the abhorrent Planned Parenthood videos where liberal women gleefully chitchat about selling aborted baby parts to know without a doubt which party is the party of death and depravity–the Democrat party. Modern day Mengeles.

  3. McClatchy owns the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News and Observer? Did they not do their due diligence before they purchased these racist tools? These papers have a well and thoroughly documented past linked to the promotion of racism in North Carolina.

    You see these newspapers and propaganda tools were used to whip up the public across North Carolina and in large are responsible for the Wilmington Race Riots of 1898.

    After the 1898 election in Wilmington many black North Carolinians were killed or marched out of the city and their printing press was burned to the ground.

    The state sanctioned a commission to study this incident and these are some of the excepts from the commission’s findings from Chapter 3 of the report. I would encourage you to read the report, your tax dollars paid for it.

    [Men who could write were used to create propaganda for newspapers and circulars……The Raleigh News and Observer, Charlotte Observer, Wilmington Messenger and the Wilmington Morning Star led the barrage.

    One of the most visible components…….was the use of newspapers. Simmons enlisted the help of Josephus Daniels as editor of the Raleigh News and Observer to be the “militant voice of White Supremacy.”

    To fuel the argument for the redemption of Wilmington, the News and Observer sent a correspondent to the city regularly to generate more fodder for the white supremacy fever.

    Using the News and Observer first as a barometer of public opinion and then as a weapon, Daniels and Simmons worked together to develop a strong argument against Fusion and in favor of white supremacy in order to win the 1898 election.]

    You can read more about the racist past of The Charlotte Observer, The Raleigh News and Observer and the other troublemakers who participated in this sad chapter of our state’s history at the commission’s online report. Your taxes paid for the report might as well give it a read at:

    After reading the report one might come to the conclusion: For goodness sakes put that edition of the Charlotte Observer or Raleigh News and Observer down. Their historical connection to racism and violence is unacceptable.

    However, amongst thinking adults the reality is this: reading the Charlotte Observer or Raleigh News and Observer make you no more a racist than flying or owning a Confederate flag. But if one is going to make the far reaching connection better snatch those paper boxes off the street and get them out of sight. Remove the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News and Observer logo from public view.

  4. In the upcoming election the Democrats will ask North Carolinians to vote in favor of rejecting the South. They will be asking the voters for a mandate to condemn our North Carolina ancestors as traitors.

  5. jr cooper: The problem for the Republicans is that our carpetbagger GOP governor is leading the charge to declare our ancestors as traitors. McCrory is no friend to loyal North Carolinians who were born here. He must think he’s running for governor of Ohio.

  6. What a distortion by the media. They are behaving just like Josef Goebbels in their propagandizing and spewing hate. They even quote one of the most obnoxious and Marxist hate groups in America – the Southern Poverty Law Center – in their diatribe.

    The nazis were known for mindlessly attacking history and culture that they politically disapproved of, which is exactly what McClatchey is doing. It is the Charlotte Obsever and the Raleigh News and Observer who are behaving like Nazis on this issue. I wonder when they will get to the book burnings?

  7. As Kim says, one reason the left and the MSM is doubling down on the Confederate flag issue is they want to draw people’s attention away from those horrific Planned Parenthood videos.
    Speaking of the Nazis, if Nazi doctors in the WWII concentration camps had been doing this and partial birth abortions to Jewish babies (and selling the body parts) they would have been tried as war criminals and hung.
    Joseph Mengele was doing just that (but he allegedly escaped to South America). How are these Planned Parenthood “doctors” any different?
    Of course the Communists at the Southern Poverty Law Center would associate the Confederate flag with the Nazi flag. That fits their hate spewing agenda.

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