Doubling down and Gettin’ all WOKE at Vidant



(*And there’s not one whiff / ounce of anesthesia involved.*).

We told you earlier about the 16 “Bridge-Building Tips” that Vidant Health distributed to their employees.  (*You remember — things like letting “people of color” “cuss you out” and buying dinner for every “person of color” in your life.*)


Now that the 16 Tips have gone public, it appears Vidant Health brass is in full C-Y-A mode:



“Open the dialogue” and “explore different perspectives”?  Those “Bridge-Building Tips” Vidant distributed earlier basically told white employees to grovel and beg for forgiveness.    Imagine a Vidant employee standing up in one of these meetings to label all of this Black Lives Matter stuff as Marxist nonsense and nothing more.  (Again, how constructive is it to demand white employees allow “people of color” to cuss them out?).  That employee’s career path at Vidant would plummet faster and harder than Gene Nichol jumping off the high-dive and into the pool.


Here’s more:



Social justice?  (Paging the Obamas,  Saul Alinsky,  Hillary Clinton.)




See the “16 Bridge-Building tips” link?  That’s the chart that advises white people to allow black people to cuss them out at their leisure.