Doubling down and Gettin’ all WOKE at Vidant



(*And there’s not one whiff / ounce of anesthesia involved.*).

We told you earlier about the 16 “Bridge-Building Tips” that Vidant Health distributed to their employees.  (*You remember — things like letting “people of color” “cuss you out” and buying dinner for every “person of color” in your life.*)


Now that the 16 Tips have gone public, it appears Vidant Health brass is in full C-Y-A mode:



“Open the dialogue” and “explore different perspectives”?  Those “Bridge-Building Tips” Vidant distributed earlier basically told white employees to grovel and beg for forgiveness.    Imagine a Vidant employee standing up in one of these meetings to label all of this Black Lives Matter stuff as Marxist nonsense and nothing more.  (Again, how constructive is it to demand white employees allow “people of color” to cuss them out?).  That employee’s career path at Vidant would plummet faster and harder than Gene Nichol jumping off the high-dive and into the pool.


Here’s more:



Social justice?  (Paging the Obamas,  Saul Alinsky,  Hillary Clinton.)




See the “16 Bridge-Building tips” link?  That’s the chart that advises white people to allow black people to cuss them out at their leisure.






4 thoughts on “Doubling down and Gettin’ all WOKE at Vidant

  1. Wonder what the job description is for a “Chief Experience Officer”? and how much they are paid……………?

  2. Yet, VIDANT furloughed, laid off, cut hours and cut pay for hundreds of employees…..but can afford an Experience Officer..??? Have been a proponent of Vidant in past, much to my dismay at this point. Sorry I fought the fight for Vidant to take over the local hospital. IF this is what Vidant has become and is, best know I won’t be in any facility or med office (they’ve taken over many private practices in recent yrs). When does the crazy end. ALL this from the Minneapolis incident? OR, just the right circumstance or time to pounce?

    1. The internal culture at Vidant is a very troubling thing. Even worse is the fact that Vidant is not an isolated example. I’m hearing reports from all over the country in numerous corporate and governmental settings of this crazy racist “wokeness” behavior being played out. This dangerous insanity is widespread. Our country needs another Great Awaking bad. Short of that I hate to consider what may happen in this setting.

  3. What a bunch of dumb asses! These psuedointellectuals are exactly what is holding minorities back.
    When you give without expecting anything you get nothing. When you reward 14 year old girl with a full scholarship
    for meerly having a child that YOU will have to support that is what you will get. Look around do gooders.
    When you have no programs to help 14 year old males look what you get. Drug dealers, criminals, uneducated and
    unemployable hoodlums. The easy life. Look around you dumbass do gooders.
    Do away with welfare with a 9 month warning. Do everything for the kids born into these circumstances and tell mom and dad to
    get an education so you can enjoy the benefits due every American. No more AFDC. In 20 years you would see something close to equality.

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