Dem hack throws Boss Bev under the bus

I was watching “The Five,” which is the panel discussion show replacing Glenn Beck on Fox News, on Wednesday.  Democrat consultant Bob Beckel, who managed Walter Mondale’s disastrous 1984 presidential campaign, is one of the regular leftist contributors to the discussions.

On Wednesday’s show, as the moderator read the intro about  Madame Governor’s RotaryGate comments, Beckel could be seen hiding his face in shame.

When it came turn for him to comment on the RotaryGate controversy, Beckel prefaced his comments this way:

“I know Bev Perdue.  Bev Perdue is a friend of mine.  She’s no Rhodes Scholar.”

(Wow.  With friends like that ….) 

On the bright side, Boss Bev’s reelection campaign picked up a nifty slogan:

VOTE BEV PERDUE:  She’s No Rhodes Scholar.

(Priceless. )