DC getting a lot of SAY in picking Dallas’s replacement


Don’t you  find this a bit curious?



Oh, by the way, I’ve got mail:


To: NCGOP Central Committee


From: Acting Chair Aubrey Woodard


Re: Process to begin finding our next NCGOP Executive Director


After speaking with many of you, I feel we are ready to begin the search for our next Executive

Director. The process below is close to how the search was conducted in 2015, which we got a lot

of positive feedback on from both Central Committee members and our key stakeholders.



The position opening and job description have been posted. The posting is now open and will

close on Friday May 17th. To ensure applications are kept confidential to the Executive

Director Search Committee and the Central Committee, all applications will be sent to

scott@scottcumbie.com. Applications will not be shared with staff.


Mr. Cumbie, through his official role, will organize the applications for the search committee but

will not serve on the committee.


Tuesday Evening, May 21st the Executive Director Search Committee will meet via telephone

to go through an initial review process. The goal is to identify no less than 3 and no more than 7

candidates to go through an initial screening process.


The Executive Director Search Committee will include a number of Central Committee and Non-

Central Committee members. This is how the search was done in 2015. I believe it to be

important to bring key allies to the table and solicit their feedback early in the process, before

the process moves to a Central Committee-only selection.


The Executive Director Search Committee will make a recommendation on who should be

brought in for round one of face to face interviews.


At the Central Committee meeting on Friday June 7th, the committee will consider the

recommendations. The central committee is free to accept the recommendations, alter them or

reject them. We will be soliciting feedback from the candidates for Chairman to see who they

believe should be in the mix.


The Central Committee will vote at their June 7th meeting on who to invite for round one

interviews. The committee will also decide who should meet with these candidates. I

recommend the Executive Director Search Committee handle the first round of interviews, along

with the new Chair and Vice-Chair. However, the Central Committee can decide this issue on

June 7th.


Round one of face to face interviews would take place on Tuesday June 18th. This would allow

people to also attend the already planned New Leadership Meet and Greet low dollar fundraiser

scheduled for that evening at NCGOP Headquarters. This would also allow the new leadership

team to take part in the round one interviews.


The Executive Director Search Committee would then make a decision on the final candidates to

be interviewed by the Central Committee.


The Central Committee will convene in person on Saturday June 29th at 11:00 A. M. at

NCGOP Headquarters to make its final selection and offer the position to the chosen candidate.


Proposed Executive Director Search Committee:


• A member of the North Carolina Senate appointed by Senator Phil Berger


• A member of the North Carolina House appointed by Speaker Tim Moore


• A Representative of the Trump campaign


• A Representative of the National Republican Senate Committee


• A Representative of the National Republican Congressional Committee


• National Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher


• National Committeeman Representative Mark Brody


• Finance Chair K.D. Kennedy


• 7th District Chair Brent Heath


• 10th District Brad Overcash


• 9th District Chair John Steward


• 2nd District Chair Zan Bunn


• Women’s Federation Chair Pat Smith


• Men’s Federation Chair Bob Pruett


• Finance Vice-Chair Joyce Cotten


Wait.  The NRSC, The NRCC AND The Trump campaign?  That’s  a whole lot of federal involvement in picking what is and has been essentially the office manager for the NC Republican Party.   I thought the GOP was all about local control.  The National Republican Senatorial Committee will have more say in selecting candidates for executive director than will the Third or even the First Congressional District.


And I am sure it is no coincidence that this list pretty much reads like the SAME LYNCH MOB that ran off Hasan Harnett and stuck us with Dallas Woodhouse.   The same folks who led the party down the road to indictments and a special relationship with the US Department of Justice.


By the way, has ANYONE figured out WHO at party HQ sent Robin and his co-conspirators the screenshot mentioned in the indictment documents?



This smells like a bunch of pitiful people who fear their grip on power is about to be loosened by the grassroots and who are doing all they can to stack the deck and rig the game before that happens.


Bend Over, folks.  Here It Comes Again.