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I just knew the little cartoon character would figure out a way to make this week’s events about himself. 

Here’s story #1 making the rounds (from very good sources who OUGHT to know about this kind of thing):

Dallas Woodhouse is reportedly trying to force NCGOP vice-chairman Michele Nix out of her position EARLY.  She is running in the special election  for the Third Congressional District.  And Dallas is making the case that her continuing in her party post while running for another is unseemly, unethical and potentially against party rules.  I am told Dallas wants to replace Nix as vice chairman with Ninth Congressional District chairman John Steward, who we’re told is more than eager to escape that particular hot mess.  


Aaaaaaaaaaaand Story #2:

Dallas has been out talking loudly at Sullivan’s Steakhouse — the epicenter of state politics wheeling and dealing —  tonight.  We’re told that Woodhouse says he wants to raise a stink about the points we’ve been making on this site about the debacle in the Ninth.  But he hates the idea of giving me or the DH any sort of “credit.”  That’s awfully mature.  We have a scenario where the two of us are apparently working toward the same goal.  And he wants to behave like a high school girl.  (How about stepping out in defense of election integrity and the state’s Grand Ol’ Party, for once?)


Aaaaaand Last, but not Least: 

Sources in the know tell me that Dallas has dramatically stepped up his networking — his search — for new employment. We’re told that the little cartoon character is having way too many nightmares involving folks in dark colored windbreakers with agency letters stenciled on the back crashing through his front door. With some of the things brewing out there right now (oh, *cough, cough* Eli Global) he might be justified in thinking like that. 

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  1. It is NOT the Executive Director’s role to be trying to push out an elected party officer, not when he did it to the chairman, and not now when he is trying to do it to the vice chairman. Somebody needs to swat that arrogant little twit down. He is the hired help, nothing more.

  2. Not one bit of this is true.

    I have a close relationship with Mrs. Nix, and hope she stays as long as our rules allow. The provision in our plan of organization is triggered
    Around the official filing in the candidate filing period.

    I have been sitting right beside John Steward for the elections hearing. We have not had once conversation about him being VC, now or ever.

    I have not eaten at Sullivan’s in over 3 years.

    And I do give you credit for pointing out the democrat schemes in Robeson County.

    We will be able to do MUCH more with that after we get Mark Certified, which we will in the next couple of days, or in about 12 days.

    1. Nice job of parsing your words. Bill Clinton would be proud. You weren’t eating at Sullivan’s. You were loudly (and profanely) running your mouth in the bar. You need to be more careful with making blanket denials — in this age of cell phone cameras and recorders.

      Why NOT bring up Robeson County? It makes the point that the Dems were doing much-worse, much-larger-scale, more egregious things right next door in Robeson County than anyone affiliated with the Republicans may or may not have done in Bladen County. The board and Team McCready don’t want to talk about anything outside of Bladen County because there are too many dirty Democrat fingerprints there. Why not bring up the covert meetings at Erskine Bowles’s house involving McCready and politicos from Robeson and Bladen counties? Did money change hands there? Were illicit promises made? Were questionable deals struck? (From what I’ve seen and heard — I think SO.)

      Not mentioning our research is just petty. You’re throwing Rev. Harris under the bus in order to score points against US ??? It’s not about YOU. It’s about the GOP. If you can’t get that through your head, you need to move on. (Unless you can’t find anybody else to give you a paycheck.)

      1. I wonder if they will take him back as a janitor at the NC State Fair? That seems about all he may be good at. The way he has dealt with the 9th District situation is an outrage, and you are right that it is all about HIM and reeks of junior high school pettiness.

  3. Grandpa also needs to be concerned about “folks in dark colored windbreakers with agency letters stenciled on the back crashing through his front door”.

  4. The Haymaker has been doing the research job that the NCGOP should have done in defending Mark Harris’ victory. Woodhouse refused to even use the information that was thus available to him, and it was all out of personal spite. This is not the way a party should be run. Woodhouse was more interested in defending the consultant that our congressman elect, or even the reputation of the party itself. His talk of a new election and pushing for a new primary were way out of bounds and only hurt Mark Harris.

    1. Not disagreeing with anything you or GUWonder has said about this individual but at the end of the day, the buck stops with the Central Committee that allowed this disastrous hire in the first place. Never thought I’d miss the Todd Poole days.

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