Compromise = Doing EXACLY what the leftists want

Raleigh political consultant John Davis is trying REALLY hard to be taken seriously.  He sends out all of these emails BEGGING you to pay hundreds of dollars for a newsletter that he ends up giving away for free a week later.  Davis is described as  a Republican because he. apparently, used to lobby for a Raleigh-based business group.  He is such a dyed-in-the-wool rock-ribbed Republican that most all of his writings demand that Republicans abandon their principles and do EXACTLY what the Democrats want.

Most of the stuff he writes is so outlandish that it has to be parody.  (At least I hope it’s not serious.)

After my report two weeks ago titled, “Compromise” or “Stick to Beliefs” Study Explains NJ Gov. Chris Christie Can Defeat President Barack Obama, I received the following emailed comment from a Republican member of the legislature … a friend with sensible views I have long admired:

“To compromise one’s principles of right/wrong for the sake of getting something done will only lead us to where we are today: a country and a society of mediocrity.  We must continue our struggle in the pursuit of excellence and return to the fundamental principles upon which American greatness was built upon.  Compromise is not the answer.”

I immediately thought about the 1964 GOP nominee for President Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Arizona, and his famous battle cry, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!”

Extremism in the defense of liberty cost the GOP the White House in 1964, and extremism in the defense of uncompromising economic conservatism during the worst recession since the Great Depression will cost the GOP the White House in 2012.  It is simply politically inept.

Huh?  First, John, Goldwater’s use of the word ‘extremism’ was in response to Nelson Rockefeller-backing Establishment Republicans who frequently assailed him (Goldwater) with the epithet of ‘extremist.’  Such Good Republicans.Goldwater’s ideology DID NOT cost him  The White House.  Johnson’s victory had A LOT to do with what happened in Dallas in November, 1963 — one year prior to the election.  Johnson also ran a pretty dirty campaign.  Remember the ad with the little girl picking the petals off the daisy, while the missile launch audio played in the background?  

I’t help Goldwater that he had a nasty primary fight with Rockefeller, and Rockefeller’s supporters all endorsed Johnson in the general.  We conservatives all get told we need to unite behind weaklings like McCain and Romney for the good of the party, but country club RINOs don’t have to play by those rules.

By the way, John, that was a brilliant prediction about Chris Christie retaking 1600 Penn for the GOP.  How many times does the man have to say ‘NO, I’m not running’ ???  Besides, he is going to have one hell of a time getting reelected to the job he has.

The record is pretty clear that bureaucratic overreach and meddling in the markets got us into this current mess.  It might actually be pretty wise to try something different, like deregulation and tax cuts, to get the economy moving.

Wait. There’s MORE:

Uncompromising liberal economic extremists (Democrats and Republicans) got this country into the crisis we all face today.  For decades, in Washington D.C. and in Raleigh, N.C., liberals have refused to be restrained by the economic caution of conservatives when it comes to government spending.

The unwillingness of liberals to compromise is the reason our country got into this crisis, and the unwillingness of conservatives to compromise is the reason we can’t get out of this crisis.

John, the GOP has been in charge in Raleigh since January 2011.  That’s IT.  Can you tell us WHEN the last time a Democrat majority in the legislature compromised to respect the wishes of the GOP minority?  Was it in 1988, when Republican Jim Gardner got elected Lt. Governor, only to have the Dem majority in the state Senate strip the position of ALL of its power?  Was it in 2002, when the GOP won the state House majority, to only have it stolen from them by the Dem minority cutting sweetheart deals with a few disgruntled Republicans, then basically telling House Republicans to sit down and shut up?

How about ANY of that stuff “Dingy Harry” Reid does to the U.S. Senate Republicans on a daily basis?

People are BEGGING for leaders with strong principles.  That is what The Tea Party was all about.  Senator Jesse Helms — hardly the voice of compromise — got five terms in the U.S. Senate as the result of standing by his principles.  What you really need to jump on is Democrat and Republican legislators who campaign back home like conservatives, but govern like leftists.

Please don’t spend your hard-earned $245 on John’s newsletter, which he is only going to give away for free the next week.  Save your money and browse over to our site, where we’re more than happy to point out all of John’s errors and fallacies.