Candidate Hussein Obama: It’s the movie’s fault!

Disciples of Candidate Hussein Obama — inside and outside of the media — are STILL sticking by this nonsense that the violence against Americans and US embassies around the world is in response to  a movie.  The fact that it all started on the 11th anniversary of 9/11  was just a coincidence, I guess. 

In 2008, Candidate Hussein Obama derided Christians in some parts of the country as “bitter clingers.” Now, we’re being told to show the utmost respect to these Muslim folks “expressing their outrage” over this documentary.

So, if what these people are doing is OK — is it all right for us to riot outside the offices of Carsey-Werner for giving us all those years of “Roseanne”?

We’re getting reports that our Marines charged with guarding the embassies were not allowed to carry loaded weapons.  We’re getting reports that our ambassador to Libya was raped before he was killed. We’re getting reports that Libyan officials hid the US ambassador, then told the mob where he was hiding.  We’re told these mobs of protesters have been armed with RPGs and machine guns — and have been chanting nice things like “Death to America” and “We are all Osama.”

In the wake of the attack on the embassy in Cairo, the State Department actually apologized to the mob for the fact that this movie got made.

In the 1990s, when terrorists bombed the World Trade Center and our embassies in Africa, Bill Clinton sent in the FBI and Justice Department lawyers.  When terrorists flew planeloads of innocent people into the World Trade Center and The Pentagon, George W. Bush sent in Delta Force and The Seals. Now, when mobs kill our ambassador, overrun our embassies, and burn and deface our flag, Candidate Hussein Obama and Hillary apologize to them.

The only thing these people — and their 12th century mentality — understand is violence.   You can’t reason with them.  If they commit acts of violence against us, we need to — in the words of Russell Crowe in Gladiator — “unleash hell.”

This is yet another illustration of the stark choice we face in November.


5 thoughts on “Candidate Hussein Obama: It’s the movie’s fault!

  1. Come on Brant. This is getting ridiculous. I can tell by your wording you know good and well what you write isn’t true. “We’re getting reports…” You also know good and well by now (and probably by the time you posted it) that the statement issued by the Cairo embassy was PRIOR (sorry, I like 90’s style writing too!) to the attack.

  2. 90s style writing? What is that all about?

    Anyway — if you turn on the msm, you will see that BHO is STILL blaming all of this on a movie. And NICE TRY — the embassy tweeted AFTER the attack that they stood by the original statement apologizing for the movie.

    If you’re going to be leveling accusations, be grownup enough to use your real name. (If you don’t want it published, I’ll honor that. But at least let me know who I’m talking to.)

    1. Excellent freedom of diverse opinion and thought on this forum, by the way. By contrast, the BlueNC brownshirts carefully screen to ensure that facts don’t get through to contradict their narrative.

      1. Freedom of diverse opinion? I get 1 out of 3 comments get through the filter (manual) and I’m conserative! Fiscal, that is. It’s none of my business what other people do with their personal lives.

  3. Be glad you get through AT ALL. You have an anonymous email address and post under an alias. A good chunk of your comments are trash-talking that really don’t add to the discussion.

    I’ve read your comments. Not much conservative there.

    If you want to hang out here, you need to at least let me know who you are. Post with a legitimate email address. The alias can stand, as long as you have something substantive to say. I am not interested in letting this blog get overrun with flamers and trolls.

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