Buying votes with other people’s $$$$


It’s hard to argue against Moms and babies.  And Governor Doofus knows this.

He’s clearly gearing up for 2020:


Many state employees will soon get paid time off when they have a child, Gov. Roy Cooper announced Thursday.

Cooper signed an executive order granting paid parental leave to the estimated 56,000 state employees who work in the agencies reporting to the governor. Full-time workers who give birth would get up to eight weeks of paid time off under the Democratic governor’s order, which takes effect Sept. 1. Spouses would get four weeks off.

Currently, those state employees must use their sick-leave or accrued vacation time if they want to take time off after having a baby. Once the new policy kicks in, they won’t have to dip in to their other kinds of leave.[…]


Isn’t that special?  Most state employees have the ability to accrue (build up or stockpile) lots and lots of vacation and sick leave.    I know, personally, one state employee who accrued enough sick and vacation leave that he could have sat out of work for TWO YEARS and still gotten paid.


SO, we’ll be paying a lot of people to not work a lot more often.  And we’ll be paying temps to cover for these people while they’re out of work.  CHA-CHING !!!



And what about the LGBTQ-XYZ crowd?  What about an “unmarried” lesbian that has a child in vitro?  Does the current, um, girlfriend get counted as “the spouse”?  Can you legally deny this benefit to THIS couple while giving it to traditional male-female couples?  What about male-female couples (unmarried) who have a kid?  The baby-daddy has responsibility for the kid, too.  Does he get the paid leave benefit?



Governor Doofus sure has opened up an expensive, legally-tenuous can of worms.  It’ll earn him some more votes, and lighten our wallets a little more.  (What  a guy.)