Blue Cross moves from PR attacks to the legal arena in fight with Folwell

Blue Cross Blue Shield is not accepting their loss of the State Health Plan’s business very well.  (Sometimes, bad customer service comes back to bite you.)

Blue Cross deployed some dark money and some operatives to rough up state treasurer Dale Folwell on the public relations front.  Apparently, that hasn’t been working.

So Blue Cross Blue Shield has apparently decided to move back above radar and into the legal arena:

The State Health Plan (Plan) received notice today that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has filed a request for a contested-case hearing in the North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings and a petition for judicial review in Durham County Superior Court because of the awarding of the Plan’s Third-Party Administrator contract to Aetna two years from now in 2025. […]

Team Folwell had this to add:

[…]We are disappointed, but not surprised that these legal challenges were taken. We are looking forward to vigorously defending the unanimous decision of the State Health Plan Board of Trustees – consisting of members appointed by the Governor, President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, Speaker of the House, and the Treasurer –  to accept the recommendation of the Plan’s professional staff.

We continue to be intently focused on the needs of our members who teach, protect and otherwise serve the people of North Carolina and taxpayers like them.[…]