BarryO’s ‘scorched-earth’ reelection campaign


I admire campaign guru Dick Morris — even if he gave us a double-dose of Bill Clinton.  The guy CAN read the political tea leaves.  I think it was a year or so ago on Fox News where Morris predicted that President Barry would be FORCED to go with a scorched-earth strategy — one which divides us and has us at each other’s throats — in order to win.  Morris pointed out that Barry has no positive accomplishments to trumpet, and his stewardship of the economy has been abysmal (to say the least).  Barry’s poll numbers are in the toilet.

Morris pointed out that Barry had two real options: (1) the LBJ route, foregoing reelection for the good of the country or (2) thinking only of himself, and eking out  a win by tearing the country apart.  By all appearances, Barry appears to be pursuing Option 2.

The economy is in the toilet.  Record numbers of people are out of work.  Our national debt is spiraling out of control.  Barry has tied our troops in Afghanistan up with so much red tape — as though he’s trying to ensure a humiliating U.S. retreat. With all that on the burners, Barry and his comrades want to talk to us about birth control and Rush Limbaugh.  Democrat operatives are also busy demonizing the church community over birth control and gay marriage.  (The last time I checked, NONE of that will put people back to work.)  National leftists are pumping money and other resources into North Carolina to scare people about the upcoming marriage amendment referendum.  

Don’t take the bait. Don’t let them get you wound up over THEIR issues.  We need to STAY FOCUSED on the mission:  removing Barry and all his minions from power in November.  THAT puts us on the road back to recovery.