ANOTHER RINO in a black robe?



The NCGOP is already trying to shove Tamara Barringer down our throats for state Supreme Court.  We’ve already raised our concerns about her. 




There’s another nominal Republican out there you need to be aware of —  Judge Donna Stroud on the state Court of Appeals.  She’s currently holding  a seat that’s not up until 2022.


Her name caught my attention when I saw that Chief Justice Cheri Beasley (D) of the state Supreme Court appointed Stroud to chair an important commission to reform the state courts’  rules of practice.



That’s an important job.  Why on Earth would a good Democrat like Beasley give a good Republican like Stroud that important job?  Answer:  Because Stroud is a pretender.


Check out these endorsements for Stroud:



The DURHAM PEOPLE’S ALLIANCE  and THE NCGOP?  (How does that happen?  That’s like being endorsed by Donald Trump AND Nancy Pelosi.  Something ain’t right.)


Here’s how the DPA describes its mission — straight from its home page:



We Believe in a Durham that Works for All


People’s Alliance (PA) is a grassroots organization that has been advancing a progressive vision for Durham and our state for more than 40 years. We believe a community can be more than a place where people live – it can be a place where all people live well. We work to elect progressive people to office and hold them accountable 365 days a year.

We are currently working to advance our mission through: 


  • Action Teams that are advocating for progressive change in certain issue areas, including Economic Inequality, Public Education, Affordable Housing and Racial Equity […]


The DPA apparently thinks Stroud is progressive.  Apparently, so does Justice Beasley.  (The NCGOP likes her because she’s  a girl with an ‘R’ next to her name.)


Talk about screaming for a primary.

6 thoughts on “ANOTHER RINO in a black robe?

  1. It’s really getting crazy in the Raleigh swamp. Having an “R” behind your name means nothing anymore.

  2. Progressives are a CANCER on our land. Conservatives MUST PUBLICIZE who’s a Constitutional Judge and who is
    a Leftist judge who supports the crazy politics of AOC, George Soros , and Saul Allinsky etc. There IS a difference, just like Cuba and America!
    Progressive women are the most lethal of all. They continue to embarrass normal people with their open season on men, morals and tradition. Thanks Dailyhaymaker for this information!!!!

  3. I don’t know much about Judge Stroud, but the RINO JUDGE DUO of Mark Martin and Bob Edmunds may well have destroyed the NC Republican Party. Time will tell, but the future looks fairly bleak right now. Predictably, Martin and Edmunds have no remorse for their actions.

  4. I remember Stroud from the old days, either she’s “grown” or she was fooling conservatives all along. Shame.

  5. If we were on the other side we’d have someone like Soros handpicking a bunch of Anita Earls types and bankrolling their campaigns.

    But that’s the other side. No one on our side cares enough to bankroll these races, because the only people who care are the types who read this page.

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