Americans for a Balanced Budget = Dee Stewart

RINO123A self-identified “conservative” organization called “Americans for a Balanced Budget” was all over the place urging Republicans to support the Medicare “doc fix” deal cobbled together by John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi.  

A balanced budget sounds great.  Who isn’t for that?  But let’s take a closer look at ABB.  It’s an operation run by Raleigh-based political consultant Dee Stewart.   The group has run radio ads championing “conservative stalwarts” like Eric Cantor.

Now, ABB appears to be running ads praising Renee Ellmers for supporting the Boehner-Pelosi “doc fix,” which actually piles on a whole lot of debt for future generations of Americans.

Just keep the name “Americans for a Balanced Budget” in mind.  The next time you see or hear anything from them, remember that it is merely an operation controlled by our old buddy Dee.