Americans for a Balanced Budget = Dee Stewart

RINO123A self-identified “conservative” organization called “Americans for a Balanced Budget” was all over the place urging Republicans to support the Medicare “doc fix” deal cobbled together by John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi.  

A balanced budget sounds great.  Who isn’t for that?  But let’s take a closer look at ABB.  It’s an operation run by Raleigh-based political consultant Dee Stewart.   The group has run radio ads championing “conservative stalwarts” like Eric Cantor.

Now, ABB appears to be running ads praising Renee Ellmers for supporting the Boehner-Pelosi “doc fix,” which actually piles on a whole lot of debt for future generations of Americans.

Just keep the name “Americans for a Balanced Budget” in mind.  The next time you see or hear anything from them, remember that it is merely an operation controlled by our old buddy Dee.

10 thoughts on “Americans for a Balanced Budget = Dee Stewart

  1. Dee Stewart usually uses direct mail glossy postcards, usually in an attack mode and at the last minute, and usually either lies or half truths. He is one of the most slimy political operatives around. It makes sense that he is backing a fellow dirt bag like Renee Ellmers, and that his ads are full of misrepresentations. That is just the usual Dee Stewart.

  2. Dee Stewart is the same consultant being employed by Craig Collins in his run for NCGOP Chairman.

    1. That is a direct tie into the Big Government wing of the GOP. Stewart is obviously in the tank for Renee Ellmers. He did Tillis’ dirty work in attacking nine term conservative Republican State Rep. Robert Brawley in the Iredell County GOP primary last year. Stewart also did a particularly dirty and dishonest hit job on conservative former State Senator Fern Shubert in the Union County primary a couple of years before that.

      Collins association with Dee Stewart is a huge negative for his candidacy.

      Driving back from Raleigh yesterday, I heard an Easter Message from 6th District Republican chairman A. J. Daoud broadcast on a conservative Raleigh talk radio station. I found that a bit curious, being outside the 6th district, and hopefully a sign that he is laying the groundwork for a statewide candidacy.

      1. What Daoud is up to with those radio ads is unclear. Not sure who is in his inner circle, but I’ve heard several of the County Chairs in his district talking about that, and they flat out can’t figure out what Daoud is doing.

        1. AJ is just about self. After all he can in last in the primary for secretary of state race. I would wager money that he wants to have his name put up from the floor and he will make a statement about this isn’t want I want, but I will serve if you all elect me…. his PAC paid for a poll. he is running radio ads about easter out side of his district. He is posting his radio ads everywhere. No offense but he is using a very holy holiday for a political objective. Low class…….

          1. That beats the pants off of a secret cabal of elitists thinking they should pick the state chairman and cram their choice down everyone else’s throat/

  3. It’s simple. we don’t need an amendment to the constitution for a balanced budget the idiots in DC should just follow the constitution but the sad part the majority of them are clueless as to the parameters of the us Constitution.

  4. Dee Stewart is not an elected official. He has a business. He can only use campaign tactics the candidate approves of. Let me repeat that. He can only use campaign tactics the candidate approves of. His job is to win.
    One more thing, he was the campaign manager that beat Richard Morgan, and removed him from the House.

    1. Dee Stewart is a hired gun, but a hired gun with a long history of sleazy tactics, and a long history, especially in recent years of working against conservatives.

      The main politician who helped Dee Stewart get into the business of political consulting was former State Representative David Miner (R-Wake), who was an early and close Morgan ally. In fact Miner was in the first wave of Morganites taken out in the primaries, the election cycle before Morgan himself fell.

      I was not involved directly in the take down of Morgan, but from someone who was close to it, Stewart did not seem to have his heart in that, and the defeat of Morgan happened largely in spite of Stewart rather than because of Stewart.

      In 2010, outstanding conservative former State Senator Fern Shubert (R-Union) made a bid for her former state senate seat, and Stewart which was open, and had a liberal Republican opponent. Stewart’s last minute mass mailing of two differenent postcards, with two different lies and distortions, sent too late to answer, defeated her.

      Last year, nine term conservative state representative Robert Brawley (R-Iredell) was a major target of Thom Tillis in the primary. Stewart ran the extremely nasty direct mail that narrowly beat him with a moderate. I don’t know enough details to know if the usual Stewart dishonesty was involved, but I would bet on it.

      1. For those who may be wondering, Stewart’s employer during his smear of Fern Shubert was currently serving State Senator Tommy Tucker. Tucker is known for coining the (in)famous quote, “I am the Senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet.”

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