A REAL inconvenient truth: Driveby poll shows most Americans want Confederate statues left alone

Behind all of the frothing-at-the-mouth race-baiters and whimpering snowflakes the drivebys are peppering us with, there is ACTUALLY some truth:

A new poll from PBS has found the majority of Americans of all races believe statues honoring the leaders of the confederacy should remain and only a small minority believes they should be taken down.

PBS News reports:

[T]he poll found that 62 percent of Americans believe Confederate statues should remain in place as historical symbols.

Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to say they supported keeping statues that honor Confederate leaders. Two-thirds of whites and Latinos said these statues should not be removed. African-American respondents were split, with 44 percent saying the statues should remain in place, and another 40 percent saying they need to be removed because some people find them offensive.[…]

Even in majority-minority, majority-Democrat Robeson County, the whole Confederate statue “controversy” is being met mostly with either indifference or outright support for preserving history.


8 thoughts on “A REAL inconvenient truth: Driveby poll shows most Americans want Confederate statues left alone

  1. We all know these events aren’t about the evils of slavery but simply more attempts at yelling “froggy” to see how many of us will jump and how quickly. It is about power. It is about keeping their ignorant, ugly faces in the news and it is about giving the appearance of righteousness based on the warped media’s pandering blessings on the most egregious acts of violence.

    It is about being paid, professional thugs. The job is glamorous, pays well and is, for the immature mind, fun. Ummmm, how do we law-abiding conservatives compete with all that fun?!

    These are the same folk who are ok with mothers letting their babies be ripped from the GOD-given safety of the womb in tiny pieces. There is no violence more sickening than that, or is more sorely regretted by the women, eventually.

    These people are playing for keeps. They honor no rules. Jailing them is a band-aid because more will take their place. Maybe it is the media that needs to be exposed rather than the rioters. Trump is doing the best he could hope to do considering our waning values. Pray for him. Thank you.

  2. Let’s cut to the chase about what Commie Cooper’s move was all about. He wants to drive black turnout in the 2018 election to win enough legislative seats that his veto will stick, and he is willing to throw North Carolina’s history and heritage under the bus to do that.

    It is all a cynical political ploy by a very small self-obsessed man. Roy Cooper is a disgrace to the office of governor.

  3. Even more disgraceful is that our Republican leaders in NC refuse to stand up to Cooper or the radical leftist mobs destroying property around the state.

  4. Has anyone done research to see if Cooper’s family were slave owners or served in the Confederacy?

  5. The current push to remove all confederate monuments will serve no purpose except to inflame tensions in the country. In the words of a famous American “At this point what difference does it make?” Will removing one statue give a kid an education? Will changing the name of a street or building give someone a job? The answer is of course, No. More disturbing, once we start down the path of destruction, where does it stop? Will these groups be like ISIS or Taliban and destroy all the offends them? Are they or their positions so weak that destroying things is their only outlet? This movement is a manifestation of our media driven culture rather than a movement that will change anything. These protesters just want their free reality show courtesy of the media.

    MLK, didn’t bomb the Pettus bridge or tear down statues and yet somehow changed the world. Those currently having their public tantrums should learn from his example.

    There is a solution to this but the media won’t like it. Stop covering them. If they stop getting attention they’ll have nothing to do. Like a 2 year old having a tantrum at Food Lion, if you give the kid attention the tantrum continues. Once they know mom doesn’t care, it stops.

    1. Yes their positions are that weak. Why do you think one of the first things totalitarians do is tear down all the statues of those before them? Next they will want to put up statues of their chosen “correct” people.

  6. There are 75 million Americans of Confederate descent and these attacks on our heritage are incredibly bigoted and ignorant. There was a term during Reconstruction for politicians like Roy Cooper and that was Scalawag. Scalawags like Roy Cooper are dividing our state and country, but I’m afraid it is all calculated for their own rotten political purposes.

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