A Man and his Memoirs


*Um,  surprise, surprise — Mark Robinson is looking at a race for governor.*

The Republican lieutenant governor is marketing a memoir meant to promote his likely 2024 run for the open governor’s seat. All the drive-by media got advance copies.  (Ours must have been lost in the mail.)  And WHAT did the Republican-unfriendly drive-bys take away from reading their advance copies?  Unfortunately, THIS:

[…] North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is dropping more hints about a potential run for governor in 2024. And, if elected, he says he’d work to keep science and history out of some elementary school classrooms.[…]

As a result,  there was a whole lot of belly-aching from the left and the establishment.  *How dare Robinson deny these kids exposure to such important subjects!*

The drive-bys followed up with THIS:

NC’s Mark Robinson backs off his call to stop teaching science in elementary school

Really? Though, if you read a little deeper into the article, you would have seen THIS:

[…] “We’re not talking about not teaching science to elementary school children,” he said Tuesday. “What we’re talking about is putting reading, writing and arithmetic – making that paramount in elementary school.”[…]

Put more emphasis on the Three Rs.  Exactly.  To survive, and to contribute to society as a responsible adult, you need to be competent in reading, writing, and basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, et. al).

In the elementary level, “science” is basically propaganda and indoctrination in the gospel of radical environmentalism.  There are plenty of stories about little kids coming home and erupting hysterically about mom and dad destroying the world with their styrofoam coffee cups.  I’m not interested in continuing to support that in tax-funded schools.

History, unfortunately, is now about how racist and horrible our country has been.  Any white male with money living prior to 1865 is automatically RACIST. Francis Scott Key — yes, The Star-Spangled Banner guy — has even been smeared as a RACIST.  His name has actually been stripped from buildings.

Teaching and tutoring at the collegiate level, I have been stunned to see how many kids have made it through 12 years of public school and still struggle to read or write a coherent essay. Their writing can easily be compared to that of someone foreign-born beginning to learn English.

I’ve seen kids who can’t do basic math without the aid of a calculator.  (I saw one student actually punch 7 times 4 into the calculator.)

Our young people need much more attention in the areas of grammar, reading, and basic math.  Those are essential to surviving as responsible adults.

If you’re going to keep science and math where they are, at least TELL THE TRUTH. Be truthful about the founding of our country and our revolution.  There’s much more to our history than racism against black people.  Keep science simple –like explaining the reason you don’t float off into space, how oxygen is made, or how electricity works.  What good does scaring the hell out of little kids about their parents really accomplish?

I’m not sure if Robinson can make it to the state’s top job.  I do respect him for bringing up and defending some important conservative arguments about the issues.  (Dan  Forest COULD have done a lot more of that. )

8 thoughts on “A Man and his Memoirs

  1. When our Lt. Governor was first running, I thought perhaps the phenomenon might be short-lived. I have heard him speak on 2A, abortion, and other topics of interest. I’m a believer. I think he’s the real deal and what our state needs now and in the immediate future. He is an unabashed Christian and faith will help save our state and nation. I, for one, hope he runs for governor.

    1. 100% supporting Lt Gov. WIl work and give $$. DONE with what the so-called gop serves us up with and expects us to support. Woefully abysmal, year-after-year. Lt Gov HAS THE FIRE and the COURAGE.

  2. Roy’s BFFs Tim, Phil and Mike will work overtime to destroy Robinson. They want open borders/Biden BFF Tillis. It will be EXCLUSIVELY up to the People to support Robinson’s campaign…volunteer, money, whatever. Unless, of course, there is an even better, more conservative candidate waiting in the wings…

    Robinson MUST stay away from all of the horrible GOP consultants, who always water down the message to ‘taxes’ as if THIS is anything new. He must also stay away from anyone with a whiff of the Dan Forrest (Romney 2.0) campaign near them. His message MUST be clear, consistent: safety, get the F away from our kids, immigration. Look at DeSantis, Vance or Lake for inspiration and tell the naysayers to pound sand.

    It is going to get ugly (with the loathsome GOP/NCGOPe leading the way).

  3. Lt Gov Robinson recently came East and there was a fantastic turnout w/ heavy hitters putting some serious contributions up. He is the REAL DEAL. We’ll look forward to supporting him further.

  4. I wish Dale Folwell would take aim at removing Tillis from the Senate in the 2026 primary, instead of looking to run for governor in 2024. Dale and Mark are both great conservatives, and with that asinine new 30% threshold to win a primary, that could allow a liberal like Tillis to slip in. That obscene 30% standard is another sneaky liberal trick that Phil Berger and Tim Moore pulled on us with a last minute “committee substitute” power play. North Carolina needs to go back to a real majority (50% plus 1) to win a primary.

    Personally, I do NOT consider a 30% nominee a legitimate nominee and would not consider they would be anyone I would consider holding my nose to vote for if they were a dud. I will NEVER hold my nose for the likes of Thom Tillis ever again. 30% to win a primary is a bad joke.

  5. Mr. Robinson should not waste his time on government schools, which are beyond reforming. Embrace education freedom through a rollback of government school funding.

  6. MKR is the ONLY elected R or candidate who call fill a stadium in NC. He terrifies the establishment. He is the ONLY voice left for the grassroots at any level in NC.
    Let’s not forget – Jones St is a SWAMP with southern accents and they see him as public enemy #1! MKR has been invited ONCE to be on an NC stage with Trump – ONCE & it was for his Budd endorsement. I pray for him daily. He must surround himself with true conservatives that will fight not only the libs, but most importantly from within our own ranks!

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