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The Pinehurst elections

  With all the hubbub about the 2019 special elections for Congress, and the March 2020 primaries, it’s important to remember that many parts of North Carolina will be holding important local races THIS NOVEMBER.   It can be argued that these local officeholders can…

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To replace Cashion in Pinehurst: Berggren OR Campbell

The local paper says 14 folks have applied to fill out the last year of John Cashion’s unexpired term on The Village Council.  (Cashion retired on November 13th due to health issues.)   There are some Knowns, and quite a few Unknowns on that list….

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The return of Pinehurst’s hollering NIMBYs

I really thought we had turned the corner. It wasn’t long ago that Pinehurst village government  consisted of a somnambulant group of 80-somethings who allowed bureaucrats to run willy-nilly on the rest of us.  One grumpy old lady could show up and complain about something…

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For Pinehurst Village Council: Berggren & Drum

Election Day is Tuesday. We have big decisions to make.  In Pinehurst, there are EIGHT candidates fighting for TWO seats on the village council.  Someone can win four years on the council with 13% (or less) of the vote, so EVERY VOTE really does count…

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Pinehurst Matters? (Yeah, but so does THE TRUTH.)

There’s a small, but loud group of people making quite a commotion about this year’s village council races in Pinehurst.  They really, really, really don’t like Mayor Fiorillo (aka Queen Nancy) and really really really wanted former council member John Strickland elected mayor.  They made…

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Campaign 2017: Golf gloves are coming OFF in Pinehurst

Things are generally very cordial here in our little corner of paradise. Rolling green fairways.  Mild weather.  Little to no crime.  Neighbors that offer a friendly ‘how-do’ when you pass by.  Local elections here are normally quiet affairs.  Folks are polite. After all, they WILL…

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Campaign 2017: Moore County

Election Day will be here before we know it.  There are some important decisions to be made at the ballot box on November 7.  Here’s our two cents on some of them: Southern Pines:  On October 7, voters cut the field down from five to…

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JIHAD: Pinehurst resort stands strong in face of attacks from SCC’s John Dempsey, liberal hordes

We’ve had quite the political theater here in our sleep little resort town.  On one side, we have the retirees and housewives of the Moore Republican Women who just wanted to host Dr. Bill Warner, a renowned critic of Islamic fundamentalism, at their monthly meeting…

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Pinehurst 2015: The smoke clears. Bouldry, Cashion and Fiorillo left standing.

It’s over.  (Thank God.)   It’s been a strange campaign.  From our standpoint here at Haymaker HQ, things have been going well in the Village of Pinehurst.  This current council and mayor have been diligently working to correct and reverse missteps by previous councils.  Reforms…

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Pinehurst 2015: Ambush!

Pinehurst voters are heading to the polls Tuesday to fill the mayor’s seat and two council seats.  Incumbent mayor Nancy Fiorillo has three challengers trying to replace her.  One of those challengers, councilman John Strickland, has hit Fiorillo in a last-minute letter to a large…