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State incentives meant to aid poorer, rural counties go mostly to Wake, Meck

    Um,  SURPRISE ????       Plant closures and job losses have hit rural parts of our state the hardest.  Raleigh politicians talk a great game about helping those folks bounce back, but a new study shows their actions are not matching their…

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  There’s nothing like having  someone young enough to be your daughter, with 1/100th the life experience and 1/1000th the business experience, tell you that what you’re saying is dumb.  Especially when this particular teenager is a “policy analyst” for Civitas,  allegedly the leader in…

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The return of Pinehurst’s hollering NIMBYs

I really thought we had turned the corner. It wasn’t long ago that Pinehurst village government  consisted of a somnambulant group of 80-somethings who allowed bureaucrats to run willy-nilly on the rest of us.  One grumpy old lady could show up and complain about something…

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Re job creation: less Apple & Amazon, more what’s ALREADY THERE.

Yes, THAT is the message from some Establishment pointy-head types at The Brookings Institute writing in Harvard Business Review: Amazon’s highly visible search for a second headquarters has offered one tremendous public benefit: it has raised public awareness of what bad economic development is. Even…

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More proof: ANYONE can run for Congress.

We previously featured the inane rantings of one Adam Coker.  He is one of a gaggle of Democrat candidates out there competing for the honor to represent us in Washington. Well, Adam is BACK: Wages have not gone up in 25 years? Well, THE FACTS say…

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Facts continue to stymie lefty doomsayers & race-baiters

Bert & Ernie and the gang are working overtime to poo-poo the ongoing economic boom.  They are trying to tell us — with a straight face — that “people of color” are being left behind by the current economic growth.  We knocked that spin down…

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An economic upturn and Bert & Ernie are still pissed

Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield, the public faces of WRAL’s political arm are doing all they can to provide a chorus for The Round Rev’s symphony of racial agitation: The Great Recession fell hardest on many communities and families that were already suffering economically, and the…

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A drive by media confession: HB2 protests really NOT hurting NC economy

I’ll admit I did quite a spectacular spit-take when I read THIS.  (Editors Note: What a waste of good scotch.)    The drive by media has been an echo chamber, for months now, of liberal activists’ and Democrat politicians’ claims  that HB2 is creating an economic…

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Guess what? Raising taxes on “the rich” does MORE HARM than good.

The drive by media and their comrades in the Democrat Party are in overdrive trying to sell us on getting “the rich” to “pay their fair share.”  Let’s hold that thought and take a gander at some FACTS from the highly-respected non-partisan DC-based Tax Foundation:…

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Bursting the Left’s Doom & Gloom bubble re: North Carolina

Leftists thrive on misery.  They cannot STAND for anyone to be doing well on their own and being happy.  Every two to four years, they want to tell us how bad things are (unless they are in charge). We’ve got a big election coming up….