#ncga: In HD-20, Cohen (D) neck-and-neck in with Grange (R) in $$$ chase

Things are looking a little interesting in this very-Republican district.

Incumbent Holly Grange (R) is running for her second full term in Raleigh.  (She was appointed to the seat in mid-2016 thanks to the incumbent’s resignation.)

According to campaign reports, Grange raised $30,557 in the first quarter of 2018 and $29,377.75 for the second quarter.  THAT is a total of $59,954.75 for 2018.

Let’s look at challenger Leslie Cohen.  For the first quarter, she reported raising $28,648.  For the second quarter, Cohen reported raising $32,803.86. For those keeping score at home, THAT is a total of $61,451.86.


3 thoughts on “#ncga: In HD-20, Cohen (D) neck-and-neck in with Grange (R) in $$$ chase

  1. The GOP is in trouble and they’re too arrogant to admit it. They have completely underestimated the left in the Cape Fear region. They say they have a plan. Ha! Slate cards and mailers, which only enrich one another, is NOT a plan against organized grassroots.
    That said, Grange went up there and played the game like a good little soldier. Her qualifications are her connections to friends in high places. She’s been a good little soldier for those friends, but ignored the taxpayers. She will be rewarded for that.

  2. Correction: Grange obtained the HD 20 seat by defeating Tammy Covil (New Hanover County School Board Member) in the Republican Primary, there was no Democrat opposition for this seat in 2016, therefore Grange won it outright after the GOP primary. I used to live in Wilmington and I am a huge fan of Tammy Covil she is a bold inspiring conservative sort of like Michelle Bachman. If Covil would won the primary instead of Grange this seat would not be in trouble.

    1. Wow. I don’t know who you are but your complimentary words are much appreciated. I’m actually surprised that Brant doesn’t remember this rather contentious primary back in 2016, since he covered it quite extensively on this site.

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