Washington Post uses fake news to expose fake news. (Got it? Good.)

The Washington Post, just like The New York Times, The Charlotte Observer, and The Raleigh News & Observer, has been a reliable source for leftist disinformation and propaganda for as long as I can remember.

They’ve joined the Hillary Clinton-inspired right-wing ‘fake news’ hunt — *as a way of demonstrating to the world that a pack of right-wing liars on the Internet conspired to deny Hillary what was rightfully hers.*  Here’s somebody named Abby Ohlheiser writing in The Post today: 

The website for an organization calling itself Demand Protest made its mission pretty clear: “When your strategy demands paid protest, we organize and bring it to life.” Billing itself as a group that generated the “appearance of outrage” on behalf of left-wing causes, the existence of Demand Protest became an attractive story for many right-wing media outlets. The group, it appeared, was proof that dissent against Trump was manufactured by shady leftist organizations, and could be lucrative: one Backpage.com ad placed in Demand Protest’s name promised a full-time job that paid a $2,500 retainer, plus $50/hr., and benefits.

It was the perfect story to share, if you’re inclined to believe that anti-Trump protesters must be getting paid to be there. Something to that effect has long been in the canon of largely unsubstantiated rumors circulating on the Trump Internet.[…] 
But there was a story — months back — involving James O’Keefe and his video camera.  He had Brad Woodhouse — brother of Dallas — and a bunch of his employees at a pro-Hillary PAC on camera bragging about paying people to show up at Trump campaign rallies and disrupt things.  They were ON CAMERA bragging about this.  (As far as we can tell, neither Brad nor any of his associates has publicly challenged the content of the video.) I’ll tell you what really kills your credibility and pushes you deeper into FAKE NEWS territory — telling us that something, we can see in living color and hear with our own ears,didn’t happen. 

2 thoughts on “Washington Post uses fake news to expose fake news. (Got it? Good.)

  1. Keep it up, lefties!!! It’s just one more aspect of the Dems’ hateful, no-real-policy era- just name calling, fake news and false accusations from consummate LIARS. It’s a kickoff to their “40 years wandering in the wilderness” they so richly deserve.

  2. Considering that it is well established that George Soros and other lefties have been in the rent a mob business for some time, with ”Moral Mondays” and Black Lies Matter being two examples, this whole thing was likely a Soros setup to put up a straw man that they could knock down.

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