UK-based anti-racism organization targets North Carolina group


The website “GnasherJew” — and the group by the same name — has an international reputation for exposing anti-Semitism by shaming its alleged practitioners with their own social media postings.

Usually, I’m not one to take the crowd that cries “Racist! Bigot!” very seriously.  But the folks at “GnasherJew” put their money where their mouth is.  They screen-capture social media posts so you can see the  language of the accused bigots for yourself.

According to GnasherJew’s website and Twitter feed,  they have set their sights on a North Carolina based group called North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights.  The group sounds harmless, right?  A lot of their espoused platform is in line with the beliefs of mainstream conservatives.  They endorse a lot of mainstream Republican candidates. But wait until you see what GnasherJew says some of the leading activists with NCC4CR have been reportedly posting and sharing on social media:

Hmmm.  A graphic featuring an angry Orthodox Jew holding a dead bloody baby and an article title featuring the terms “synagogue of satan child sacrifice.”   Now, WHO do you think of when you hear the term “synagogue”?

So, here the group appears to be sharing a video and article suggesting “the Jews” were responsible for COVID.  (Never mind that Chinese lab.)

*Um, let me guess.  Jews?*

*Okay.  So NOW we have an alliance between “the Jews” and “satanists”?*

Wow.  Just — just — wow.

These are just a small sampling of what GnasherJew reportedly found.  This is NOT conservatism or nationalism.  This is pure evil and craziness.

I’m going to give the folks at NCC4CR the benefit of the doubt.  If an actual member or official of the group wants to post their side of the story (aka “a defense”) in the comment section of this site, we’ll allow it. Personal attacks against me or anyone affiliated with the Haymaker are forbidden. So is profanity or any other language a reasonable person might deem racist or otherwise offensive. The poster needs to use a verifiable real name and leave us (privately) a working email address.

I HOPE this is some kind of mistake or a scam.  I hope we don’t have people in this state or in this country buying into this stuff while posing as “conservatives.”

For the record, GnasherJew is not exactly a liberal enclave.  The group was instrumental in ending the political  careers of several top leaders of Britain’s far-left Labour Party and costing the party big-time at the ballot box.