Thomas Milhaus Tillis?


We all remember that Richard Milhaus  Nixon — on his way out the door — had a hell of a reputation for dirty tricks and skullduggery. He operated quite a bit like a James Bond villain.



Is our Thom channeling ‘Tricky Dick’?


Check out what he had to say to an MSNBC reporter, who asked how he’d handle a foreign source giving him info on a political foe:


“The first call that I would make after that occurred to me would be to the FBI.  The second call would be to corroborate the information.”


Whaaaaaaaaaaa … ????


Is he telling us that he’d consider using info obtained from foreign sources — that may or may not be tied to foreign intelligence agencies — against his political foes?  Wow.



Kinda makes Mark Walker’s theory about Tillis getting his old buddy in the US attorney’s office to embarrass and screw over Walker a wee bit more credibility.