Think local.


Are you as disgusted with DC and Raleigh as we are?  The best response to all that nonsense is hard work at the local level.  Start identifying and cultivating good conservative leaders at the local level.  (The late great conservative giant Jesse Helms got his political start on the Raleigh City Council.)

Do not overlook opportunities on school boards, city councils, and county boards. THAT is where most of the policies that most directly affect you and your family are born (or get their steam from).

We’ve taken this idea to heart in Moore County.  We’re a yellow-dog Republican locale.  The real fight here is RINOs v. conservatives.  Thanks to Tuesday, we will now have a 6-1 conservative majority on the county board of education and a 4-1 conservative advantage on the county board of commissioners.

Out-of-control spending, political correctness, sexualization of children, and CRT will finally get seriously addressed in the public schools.   Big spending and bigger government will get a thorough once- and twice-over by the new county board.  I believe we’ll see conservative ideas once only talked about actually get enacted here.

Raleigh and DC have to be dealt with.  But first, we have to put together a winning team with a record of winning results that can give the big government hordes in power there all they can handle.