The Resurrection of a Failed District Attorney


If you thought things were getting messy over at the school board, and in this year’s Pinehurst village council races, get a load of the hot mess that is currently Moore Republican Women.

She let a huge backlog of open cases build up.  She handed out some hand-slap, easy-peasy plea bargains for some offenders that deserved a whole lot more (i.e., giving probation to a drunk driver who killed a pedestrian and kept going down the road;  the police had to hunt him down;  the suspect never bothered to check on the man he hit and left for dead on the front lawn of West End Elementary;).

She improperly used the D.A.’s offices to sabotage the reelection campaign of sheriff Neil Godfrey.  She also recruited a liberal Democrat to try and succeed her in office.  (He was given a hefty salary and a position in the DA’s office.) She continues to lead the attacks on the man who defeated her hand-picked candidate (winning every precinct) for district attorney.

She announced her retirement to “spend more time with her kids.”  Those of us who follow politics closely know what that really means:  the speaker is trying to stay a few steps ahead of an electoral butt-kicking or an. indictment.

For some reason, in spite of that record,  the MRW establishment is trying to force Maureen Krueger into the soon-to-be-vacant president’s post.  (Sources tell us Maureen is bragging about using the post as a stepping stone to a run for court-of-appeals.) The club by-laws have been twisted and bent to ease things for Krueger. 

Victoria Hardin, a Carthage attorney and the wife of district attorney Mike Hardin, has complicated things for the pro-Krueger forces by jumping into the MRW presidential election.  Judging by the reaction of the club’s ruling class, one would think Mrs. Hardin was an Antifa radical trying to infiltrate the club.  The club leadership has reportedly balked at providing the club email list to Mrs. Hardin, while allowing Krueger to use it at-will.  Unsigned emails sent on club accounts, featuring furious attacks on Mrs. Hardin,  have been circulating.

Those who know Mrs. Hardin best know that she is not one to sit back and quietly absorb attacks. Mrs. Hardin says she is not running at the behest of her husband.  She says she’s interested in expanding things by opening the club up to more young and working women.  Policies like blocking entry to meetings, because a member was running late due to a work matter, discourages current working members from staying involved and potential new members from joining.

The vote is Wednesday, November 3, the day after the municipal elections.

It’s a shame that personal ambition — like high court seats — is overshadowing the club’s alleged main objective: protecting GOP incumbents and getting more Republicans elected.