Stupid mainstream media: Local crime stories trump murder, mayhem, failure of leadership in Benghazi




We’re getting earth-shattering, heart-breaking, and sometimes infuriating details about the travesties that occurred at our embassy in Benghazi, Libya last year.  Our embassy — sovereign US territory — was overrun by Allah-Akbar-screaming savages who vandalized the place and murdered its occupants.  People on the ground, in the embassy, begged for help from Washington but were told NO and even to “stand down.”

Americans overseas were overrun by hostile foreigners and their government did nothing to help.  That HAS to be *comforting* to our active duty military currently in harm’s way all over the world.  They COULD be next. 

Big Barry and his crew — instead of manning up — made all kinds of excuses in the aftermath.  They didn’t know about requests for extra security.  Some YouTube video got those savages upset, causing them to riot, murder and vandalize at our embassy.  (*It was George W. Bush’s fault.*)

A congressional committee is holding hearings this week that are producing some riveting testimony.  This is a defining moment for our government.  It’s quite a piece of history — like Watergate, Iran-Contra, the Warren Commission, the RFK mafia hearings.  How is our mainstream media reacting?

National news is leading with local crime.  Yep.  Local crime stories.  Jodi Arias is now a household name for people who can’t tell you the name of the lieutenant governor.    Arias is an Arizona woman convicted of killing her boyfriend.  Why this warrants a flood of national news coverage is beyond me.    It’s terrible that someone got killed.  But WHY is this trial important to anyone beyond the defendant, her family and the victim’s family?

Another head-scratcher is the inordinate amount of attention the MSM is giving this kidnapping case in Cleveland.  Three teenage girls got held captive in a house for ten years.  Granted, this story and its gruesome details sound like a dream for a Hollywood screen-writer.   But is it really more important than what appears to be clear evidence that our government stood back and watched while innocent Americans were slaughtered by savages?

Those of us who are old enough to remember the media frenzy surrounding Watergate and Iran-Contra are shaking our heads over the ho-hum indifference the mainstream media appears to be showing the details emerging from the probe into the Benghazi travesty.

I firmly believe the mainstream media is part of an establishment conspiracy to create and cement into place  a new low-information America.   Keep the little people clueless, uninformed, poorly-educated, and dependent on the state for shelter, food and an income.