STILL fleecing the taxpayers @ UNC

We already tipped you off about the sweet, sweet $$$$ deal extended to F.O.T (Friend-Of-Timmy) Clayton Somers. It seems like all that was just the tip of the seedy, smelly, stinky polluted iceberg:

A dozen administrators from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received a combined total of nearly $200,000 in pay raises this summer. Most state employees got a $1,000 across-the-board pay bump that was passed into law by the North Carolina General Assembly.


Now, WBTV’s continuing investigation has uncovered more information showing all top UNC administrators received pay raises this summer. In addition to Somers’ raise, the rest of the half-dozen administrators saw raises ranging from $7,771 to $27,136.

The average pay raise was $15,610.

When questioned about Somers’ raise late last month, a UNC spokeswoman attributed the five-figure pay increase to two positive performance reviews.

A school spokeswoman acknowledged WBTV’s request for comment regarding the 11 other top administrators who received raises in July, but did not respond to a call and email seeking comment Thursday night.


Here’s a list of who got PAID:
$365K for a “vice chancellor for workforce strategy, equity and engagement” ????   $467K for a “vice chancellor for research”?  $345K for a “vice chancellor for communications”? (And what’s the difference between the vc for communications and the one for public affairs? Sounds kind of redundant to me.)
As a point of reference, the president of the US earns $400K per year.  The NC governor makes a little over $142K.  The lieutenant governor makes a little over $125K.
So, we have THREE UNC vice chancellors — positions of dubious value — making more than the president of the United States.  All of them make more than Roy Cooper or Dan Forest.  ALL but ONE makes more than Cooper and Forest combined.
And here’s the really hinky part:

[…] The pay increases came just days before a new provision passed in the 2017 budget would have required approval by the UNC Board of Governors for at least three of the raises.

The new law requires the board of governors to approve any pay increase of five percent or more for any employee making $100,000 or more.

Of the twelve administrators who received pay raises, three of them amounted to raises of at least five percent.

Keep this locked away the next time you have these “higher-education” types crying about being cash-starved.