Ron Paul’s lesson for the GOP



New polling shows Texas congressman Ron Paul pulling ahead in the GOP presidential horse race. The Ruling Class is perplexed. ( How could you NOT see the Mittster as the perfect president?  He has great teeth, nice hair, and THOSE eyes …. )

Paul is benefitting from the same phenomenon U.S. Senator Jesse Helms did during his 30 years of service to the people of North Carolina.  People appreciate a leader who loudly and unequivocally states his principles, then stands by them to the bitter end.  

Helms ran every six years against the full force and fury of the state and national media, and the state and national Democrats. He beat them every time.  Why, you ask?  It was not because a majority of North Carolinians agreed with him right down the line.  It was because you KNEW how he was going to vote on ANY ISSUE BEFORE THE VOTE WAS CALLED.

2010 SHOULD have sent a clear signal that voters are sick and tired of finger-in-the-wind politicians.  2010 should have sent a clear message of voter discontent with the overreach of government.  Yet, we have Republican presidential candidates embracing liberal Democrat positions on health care and the environment.

I have a major disagreement with Paul on the use of military force.  Unlike Paul, I believe that we needed to seek vengeance for 9/11.  We needed to make sure NO ONE ever contemplates doing something like that again.  But — for the most part — I respect his principled, unwavering stands against the growth of government.  Although he’s been serving in Washington, Paul has NEVER become a creature of that city and its culture.

In 1996 and 2008, the GOP nominated nominal Republicans who bought into the gospel of “moderation” peddled by the allegedly mainstream media, the professional campaign consultants, and The Ruling Class.  (It’s FUNNY how the Democrats are never called on to moderate or change.)   We all know how well 1996 and 2008 worked out for the GOP.

In sales and marketing, there is a concept called differentiationshowing consumers, in crystal clear terms what makes you different and / or better than their other choices.  The country is in sorry shape.  People are looking for someone to lead us 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  The voters (consumers) are BEGGING for a radically different alternative to BarryO.  A slightly different flavor of what we currently have — a different set of hands in the cash box — is not going to cut it.

In my closing message to the Republican campaigns, I’d like to paraphrase a “hair” band from the 80s: “Give US something to believe in.”