RINO Report: At least TWO Paul Shumaker “horses” line up for 2020 races


Former state senator Tamara Barringer has apparently picked up the NCGOP “endorsement” for state Supreme Court. While on Jones Street, year-in-and-out, she ranked as the (or one of the) most liberal Republicans in the chamber.



Let’s hop in the wayback machine and travel to 2004. That was a year then-Rep. Richard Morgan and then-Speaker Jim Black were trying to protect their power-sharing deal.   Morgan and Shumaker formed  something called “The North Carolina Republican Main Street Committee,” whose aim was to primary and get rid of any and all conservatives who dared to oppose / speak out against Morgan and Black.  Then-state Reps. David Miner,  Danny McComas, and Harold Brubaker joined Barringer and her husband Brent in supporting the efforts of the so-called Committee.



Forsyth County prosecutor Jim O’Neill is once again running for state attorney general.  He ran in the 2016 primary against Buck Newton.  Shumaker managed his campaign then and is likely doing it again.   O’Neill got the Forsyth job due in no small part to an appointment and endorsement from Governor Bev Perdue.  O’Neill also made a habit of being a regular GOP token for then-AG Roy Cooper’s efforts to bash legislative Republicans.  THIS GUY will likely be your GOP nominee for attorney general.



8 thoughts on “RINO Report: At least TWO Paul Shumaker “horses” line up for 2020 races

  1. Sadly, I can believe what you’re saying about Barringer……she got a lot of boos and RINO shouts from the wake county delegation at the state convention.when she rose to speak.

  2. Barringer is not pro 2nd Amendment. She walked or was excused from many 2A votes. She held a 2A bill in her committee and stalled and made excuses and simply lied to me about the status of the bill, and I finally confronted her and she admitted she had no intentions of moving the bill. I could have worked to move it to another committee if she had been honest. I trusted her and that trust cost me the bill. It never moved. I would never consider voting to put someone on the Supreme Court that was not pro 2nd Amendment!

  3. Hopefully a good conservative candidate will emerge for Attorney General. I personally would like former State Senator Thom Goolsby from Wilmington to run.

    Buck Newton (the 2016 GOP nominee) angered a lot of us Tea Party Republicans when he endorsed Whatley over Womack and then used his position on Whatley’s board to endorse Perry over Murphy in the 3rd District Runoff. (That’s a NCGOP P.O.O violation btw)

    I don’t know much about Jim O’Neill, but he seems to be a RINO. However, one GOP candidate for AG is better than none. The greatest NCGOP mistake was having no candidate for AG run in 2012 against Cooper. If that happened Cooper maybe back in Rocky Mount instead of in Raleigh as our “disgraced” Governor.

  4. As an active Republican living in Wilmington, I know Thom Goolsby well. He would be a great attorney general, but it is more important to keep him on the UNC Board of Governors. Most of the BOG members have no idea what they are supposed to do. Thom is a lone voice for university educational reform on the BOG. We have to keep him there. He would have to resign if he ran for AG.

  5. Make that three, Brant. I’ve received emails from Scott Stone, LtGov candidate, bragging that Shumaker is in his camp, too.

  6. While I agree that giving Cooper a free ride in 2012 was a disaster, particularly since he was so vulnerable as a result of the scandals on his watch as AG, I do not think it happened by mistake. I blame the pay-to-play wing of the Republican Party which continues to work hand-in-glove with anyone willing to protect their mutual interests instead of the public interest.

    Those insiders didn’t just protect Cooper in 2012, they tried to help the Democrats take out Auditor Beth Wood with a RINO more to Cooper’s liking. (Apparently Ms. Wood had done some audits with findings that upset Cooper’s friends, like the one at the Board of Elections that reportedly upset Gary Bartlett and company. It was hardly a coincidence that the newly minted Republican candidate had actually worked as an auditor at the NC Board of Elections.)

    If Cooper could control the Auditor’s office as well as serve as AG, the two key investigative offices in state government would be completely in the control of the NC branch of the Deep State. The North Carolina swamp is just as swampy as the one Trump has so brilliantly revealed in DC. And based on what I’ve seen, RINOs are more to be feared than any other enemies because they can do far more damage working from the inside than any honest opponent.

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