REAL hate speech.

Many of us on the right have become accustomed to slanderous “hate” accusations.  Red MAGA hats?  White supremacy.  Votes for Donald Trump?  White supremacy.  Believe genders are neither assigned nor interchangeable?  Total Bigot.

The same folks who brought us the Summer of Love are now pretty good at stomping the guts out of anyone daring to disagree with them. On ANYTHING.

North Carolina’s Speaker Ban was struck down in the 1960s under the pretense that all points-of-view need to be heard and respected on college campuses. My, how the worm has turned.  Try, for instance, praying for our troops in public on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill. 

Our state college campuses have turned from entities for training young adults for professional success to breeding grounds and training camps for really wicked bad actors within The Radical Left.

DEI and CRT – two political philosophies centered on the premise that white males are oppressors who need to PAY for all the females and people of color they have “oppressed” –infest our places of business, our government offices, and even our educational entities. (Our very own Sandhills Community College has a webpage, an actual office with staff, and a dean devoted to implementing this in-your-face race-baiting travesty on-campus.  Your local college campus likely has the same or worse.)

None of this is about bringing people together and having open and honest discussion. It’s about consolidating political power, “getting” their enemies, and ramming their sick ideology down everyone’s throats. 

“Student Activity fees” strong-armed from students are handed out to groups who openly embrace the hammer-and-sickle and who provide aid and comfort to bad actors nationally and worldwide —  even our enemies while our troops are in the field of combat.   Meanwhile, funds are cut from conservative-leaning groups and the few conservative speakers who dare to set foot on campus get shouted down or run off by the ‘Peace & Love’ crowd. 

As a political dissident, I respect the idea of open debate.  Let all opinions be heard.  But I’m not the least interested in hearing calls for the defeat of our troops or the murder of innocent people. Debate the decision to enter a conflict all you want.  But when a decision is made, and our troops enter the field of combat, it’s time for us all to cheer for the home team.

In the wake of Hamas’s recent terror attacks in Israel, we find “student organizations” sponsoring anti-Israel demonstrations with fliers featuring the same kind of paraglider used in the initial attack on the Israeli music festival.  That’s right.  Our tax dollars are being used to promote an event operating under a symbol of mass murder.   I’d argue it’s not very comforting at all for Jewish students in Chapel Hill to attend classes on a campus which provides aid and comfort to “protests” cheering on the murder of Jewish people. 

Don’t let the academics kid you.  Campuses are not bastions of free thought.  Look at how in-state academic types freaked over efforts to instill some ‘diversity of thought’ among the faculty on state campuses.  (On the left, diversity has been twisted to mean ‘JUST LIKE US.’)

 Folks who don’t buy into marxism are often too scared to speak their minds.  My alma mater was founded by and named for the father of our great country.  It’s got one of the largest Jewish enrollments in the country, and some of the most radical anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, pro-Islam activists you’ll find.  A local subsidiary of the Communist Internationale had a larger on-campus membership than the College Republicans.

I was never afraid to speak up in class.  Some students joined in after I got the ball rolling.  I got heckled, but gave it right back and never shut up or shut down.

I’ll never forget one professor I had.  He admitted to being a “social democrat” (aka “socialist”).  I frequently debated him in class.  Our back-and-forths were mutually respectful, and I got an ‘A’ without having to surrender one iota on my principles.   (This professor would likely never survive in today’s college campus environment.  *Fairness to a kid who works for JESSE HELMS ???*)

The FBI, at one time, swooped in to protect black students being harassed and threatened on campus during the civil rights era.  I doubt that demonstrations cheering on violence against blacks would have been tolerated. Unfortunately, these days, the FBI is pre-occupied with investigating and rounding up Trump supporters.  They’re too busy. 

One day, maybe, the political establishment will wake up and realize what a cesspool we have on our state’s campuses of alleged ‘higher learning.’  Maybe they’ll halt the dumping of big donors on the college boards, and instead turn to real reformers.