Public Schools: Starving? (Hardly.)


Teacher pay and other education spending are supposed to dominate the upcoming short session at the General Assembly.  For months, we’ve been pounded by stories like this one – mainly generated by educrats and other lefties talking to mainstream media sycophants — alleging that North Carolina public schools are being “starved.”

Starved.  Really? Seriously?  I’d like to bounce those allegations off of language in documents possessed by educrats within our very own Moore County Public Schools bureaucracy:

[…] Total expenditures increased by $11.1 million when compared to the prior year with the increase being primarily attributable to increased personnel costs and program related expenditures due to the increased Federal and State funding. Further there was significant capital outlay expenditures for various school-wide projects for facility improvements. […]

Increased funding ????  But Bill Barber and his homies have been telling us ….. 

The comparison in the above quote is between FY 2012-2013 and FY 2013-2014.  That $11.1 million spending increasemind you — was for ONE out of North Carolina’s ONE HUNDRED counties.

Those “increased personnel costs” are likely tied to all of those new assistant superintendents — who seem to have been added on a monthly basis here in Moore County.  

The Moore County school board, the educrats and their cronies in the community are getting ready to hit us with a bunch of boo-hoo sob stories about how there is not enough money for ‘tha chil’ren.’   They are going to be asking for yet another bond issue — permission from the taxpayers to take on more debt. 

How responsible is it to give them even more money when so much of what they already have is being held hostage at the central office / bureaucracy level?