Playing politics with a pandemic



I’ve nicknamed Roy Cooper “Governor Mismanagement” for good reason.  He has an astounding record of screwing things up when he takes the lead.  But when someone else is in charge,  he’ll gladly slip in front of the cameras and take ALL the credit.

When he was attorney general,  the crime lab — under his supervision — was such a mess that local governments had to contract with private labs so local sheriffs / cops could get their forensics work done.  (The legislature eventually took the lab away from him.)

Then there were all those rape kits that went untested.  Cooper’s successor at AG, Josh Stein, took the hit for that from the media.  Stoopid got lucky and faced an incompetent Republican campaign in 2016.    So,  a breath-takingly appalling record of mismanagement propelled Roy Cooper to state government’s top job.

Now, we’ve got the distribution of the COVID vaccines.  The lapdog media has been drooling all over Miss Mandy and The Guv for their work.  “Equity” has been the key word in the state’s distribution game.  Shots were limited at first to people 75 and older.  Every county got the same amount.  Never mind that some counties have more people — and OLD people — than others.

For instance,  Moore County — with Pinehurst and Southern Pines — has more than its fair share of older residents.  Yet,  Moore got the same amount of vaccine that Hoke County — with significantly LESS people AND old people — got. Moore County quickly experienced shortages while Hoke County sat around twiddling their thumbs waiting for some old folks to come in for a shot.

You would think Gov. Stoopid would try and ensure that ALL residents over 65 — the most vulnerable and at-risk — would get their shots before moving on to other people.  Sadly, no.  That would be giving this man TOO MUCH credit.

Cooper has arranged for teachers to jump ahead of senior citizens.  This is so obviously a play to woo the Marxist-Leninist NCAE teachers’ union so they remember him during his next run for office.