#ncpol: Dallas setting his sights on DC?

DallasHe gave THIS TV interview.  He’s committed some of the most public charlie-foxtrots, as exemplified HERE and HERE and HERE.  His cronies worked hard to undermine Donald Trump before and during the RNC convention, in the name of Ted Cruz.  While serving as executive director of the NCGOP, he proudly bragged that he was “the governor’s man” and spent most of his time on the governor’s reelection.  (How did that turn out?)  And, lastly but not least, he described the Trump campaign to anyone who would listen to him as “idiots who don’t have a clue.”

Despite all that, NCGOP insiders tell me Dallas Woodhouse is brown-nosing the Trump transition team fast and furious.  I am told that materials disseminated to promote Dallas to the Trump people include terms like “political superstar.”

As bad as we want him out of Raleigh, I don’t think we want to wish him on our new president.


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      1. maybe I am stupid I know others in meetings have accused me of this but I just do not see Dallas’s hand on that but then again I might just be stupid

  1. For the record: we never did anything but fully support the Trump effort. The Trump people will gladly tell you that. We staffed every event, knocked a million doors after the convention, and provided them office space for months.

    Second: The NCGOP has the most successful down ballot election we have ever had, picking up the Tresurer’s race for the first time in 140 years, and Insurance and Public Instruction for the first time ever. You publication wrote about how we were going to lose multiple seats in the General Assembly, but we had a net pick up.

    We swept the Court of Appeals Going 5-0, including two additions. One of which you attacked me for recruiting (Phil Jr)

    I don’t claim credit for all this, but my team should.

    We have much work to do at NCGOP and I am not planning on uprooting my family. I was hoping success could bring us all together.

    I offer that hand of friendship as we all as a team celebrate great conservative republican victories

    1. Didnt attack you for recruiting Berger. Someone had tipped us off that you had helped run off Ms. Doran so Phil Jr. could run. We let folks know.

      Also, the House was a wash. The Senate gained ONE, thanks mainly to the hard work of Messrs. Blaine and Berger and TRUMP. You had nothing to do with the pickup in robeson county.

      You lost the governor’s race AND what should have been a slam-dunk for Supreme Court. Both of those fiascos will smack the party hard for years to come.

      Even the internal polls at the legislature were preaching doomsday. It would have been much worse if Trump had not been on the ballot. You know it, too.

    2. No unity when you and your corrupt staffers broke Party rules and conspired with he Central Committee to undermine our lawfully elected State Chairman, then imposed a poll tax to keep the grassroots away from the Convention.

      1. yes exactly why stupid ol’ me does not think Outhouse did anything to help Cruz but only try to hurt him and Conservatism in this state

    3. Brads’ brother says, “I was hoping success could bring us all together.”

      After the recent party coup undoing the actions of a legitimate convention and illegally imposing illegitimate leadership on our last convention, don’t you think that’s a pretty ridiculous statement?

  2. I would not worry if Brad’s brother gets to go to the Trump administration. Trump’s catch phrase that he will likely see pretty quickly is “You’re fired”.

  3. We would have won the Supreme Court race with the R by bob edumonds name.

    Also candidates are in charge of their yard signs,
    Not us

    1. You’ve been bragging about how you all ran trump’s ground game. Were people supposed to call up donald at trump tower to get campaign stuff? No! The state parties are supposed to handle that for the presidential candidates.

      And for the judge thing, how did you let that man get on the ballot without party ID? There have been resolutions demanding that be added. and your cronys have held them up in committee.

      and aren’t you in charge of educating voters on candidates? you ran all those ads for newby. what happened with edmunds?

      1. Woodhouse sticks his nose into policy things at the General Assembly. It is highly likely that he was out there supporting that retention election nonsense that led to the fiasco on the Supreme Court. That is something that a party ED is NOT supposed to be doing, but Woodhouse was having fun playing chairman.

  4. And as I have said before Doran is a close friend. I paid to poll them both. I never ran off anybody.

    I think Doran will be on the court someday and will be great

  5. The House seat gain in HD6 was due to the financial help from bundling from Chris Millis’ conservative PAC. It had not a darn thing to do with NCGOP or Woodhouse.

    Most of the positive results were from coattails of Trump, not from anything out of NCGOP. Woodhouse is blowing his own horn, trying to take credit for things he had nothing to do with. Indeed, Woodhouse’s asinine press release throwing Trump under the bus over the Billy Bush tape was one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen in politics and probably cost the governor some Trump voters support.

    Woodhouse has about as much political savvy as Goober from Mayberry.

  6. This post is COMPLETELY wrong! I was a Cruz delegate at the RNC. I flew up with Dallas and ended up needing to catch my own ride home because of my support for Cruz’s Wednesday night speech and my opinion of it. You might accuse Dallas of other things but saying he worked to undermine DT is a LIE and has no basis in any events that occurred in Greensboro or Cleveland. I was at both of those events and personally witnessed his words and actions at both. This post really hurts your credibility.

    1. Was it Dallas’s private plane you flew on, or Robin Hayes’s private plane? Anyway, did you miss Zan Bunn and Joyce Cotten, Dallas’s top two cronies and enablers, purging pro-Trump activists from the delegation, and throwing a tantrum at the convention?

    2. Exactly right! I have friends who were Cruz delegates and they were treated horribly. Dallas & Grandpa were all in it for Trump.

  7. While I agree Dallas is an est RINO pos. He and the other RINOS were clearly in the Trump camp at the convention against the Constitutionalist/Conservatives/Cruz folks. The Convention itself was a joke on so many levels. None the less I hope Trump proves to b the un apologetic Conservative they were planning on him NOT being and sends them all packing!!
    We must return to the Constitution and restore Liberty!!!


  8. Why would the Trump people touch Dallas Woodhouse with a 10 foot pole after Woodhouse was responsible for that NCGOP press release critical of Trump? That makes no sense at all. I hope folks are reminding the Trump transition team of that fiasco.

    1. It’s worth remembering that the NCGOP bigs were in the tank for Marco. But I agree, they were NEVER in the tank for Cruz. In fact, the only reason why the (old) 13th District leadership seems to be ( I doubt that they really are) in the tank for Cruz is because that’s the part of NC that is Cruz country, and I would speculate that they probably want to avoid alienating their base as they run for re-election in the new 2nd district.

  9. The NCGOP had been a dismal, inept joke for a long time. But the insertion of drunk Dallas, by Art Pope, into that toxic mix took it’s incompetence to new heights.

    It’s time for a new way of doing things in NC. The days of depending on the party and listening to anything coming from any of Art Pope funded entities is over. To grow and advance in NC, we will need to bust the shackles of the ineffectual party and the irrelevant Locke Foundation.

    Both spend and have access to millions of dollars. As we saw in this election, that money was a total waste. And yet Dallas will retain his salary. And the Locke people will continue to get their large salaries, while continuing to produce words and opinions NO ONE is listening to.

    They had such a narrow job: reelect McCrory and hold the Supreme Court. They failed epically at both.
    Fire everyone.
    Board up the offices.
    Cut off the cash.
    Start over.

    1. I totally support this and a start to this would be giving the NCGOP Plan of Org a major overhaul to keep so much power from being given to so few people in directing party leadership

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