NCGOP’s Whatley takes on state elections board, proposed “emergency” changes



Michael Whatley, chairman of the state Republican Party, went before the press today to voice his organization’s concerns about the state board of elections’ “Emergency Order”.


A statement from GOP HQ  said:


“[…] We have grave concerns that the NCSBE surprise orders will negatively impact the rights of North Carolina voters. We are submitting a letter with recommendations to the North Carolina State Board of Elections that will meet this afternoon. […]



4 thoughts on “NCGOP’s Whatley takes on state elections board, proposed “emergency” changes

  1. NC law does not recognize disease as a defined natural catastrophe under the Emergency Management Act, the Board is violating the law by interpreting it otherwise, after already being told by the Rules Commission that they can’t blanket the state with universal mail-out ballots. The combined idiot leadership of the House GOP caucus and the NCGOP central committee gifted us with an NC Supreme Court that will back the Board. The only hope is federal intervention due to the fact that there are federal offices on the ballot.

  2. This particular Emergency Order may not be the worst – but it may simply be a trial balloon by the new world order to see how emergency orders will be received. They may roll out another and another – mostly ministerial in nature, before letting out one that mandates mail-in ballots, which is what they really want.

  3. Where were you and the NCGOP when Kim Strach and the other democrats were stealing the election from Mark Harris?

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