#ncga: Shouting “socialism” in a rubber room

You can tell election time is getting close.  State Rep. Bob Steinburg  and his team are revving up the whisper & slander machine that so effectively eviscerated primary opponent Clark Twiddy.

It’s almost funny to see how Ol’ Bob transitions on his Facebook page from posting about his latest visit to a church right into carpet-bombing his opponent with personal attacks.  (Is THAT WJWD?)

Ol’ Bob is already making the rounds proclaiming his opponent in November, Cole Phelps, is a “gun-grabber.”  (Never mind that Phelps has gone on the record calling himself a Second Amendment supporter with concerns about limiting access to guns for the mentally ill.)

Steinburg is also making “socialist” Phelps’s new first name, and proclaiming himself the second-coming of Milton Friedman.

Socialism involves government meddling in the private sector. (Like setting up a private business funded with government money, for instance.) Phelps may favor some of that, but SO DOES Steinburg. 

Here Steinburg is teaming up with a Democrat senator praising the ideas of government mandates and tax credits for solar and wind projects.  Here’s  a bunch of solar goons naming Steinburg a “champion” of their agenda (i.e., government handouts, mandates to benefit owners and manufacturers of windmills and solar panels).

(Here’s a fun website illustrating how many government giveaways there are for solar and wind folks.  You can search by zip code.  There are 48 government giveaways for folks in Steinburg’s home zip code.  There are 52 in mine.)

There’s nothing free-market capitalist about THAT agenda.  It appears you folks in Senate district 1 have some big-government socialist creep infesting BOTH sides of your race there.