#ncga: House Dems say the darnedest things

No joke.  John Autry (D) of Mecklenburg County replaced the not-so-bright Tricia Cotham (D) in the North Carolina House.  The honorable Mr. Autry stood up in session today and demanded that the House spend more on climate change before adding any money to a rainy day fund.

I hate to suggest this, but I think this guy was taking the term “rainy,” literally — as in weather.  *Boy, growing that rainy day fund will surely bring us more of that climate change.* 

He sounds like he’s in a bit of a fog.  *Should DEQ and EPA be notified?  Should pilots and drivers be issued a low-visibility advisory?* 

*With all the snow jobs being pulled on a daily basis on Jones Street, the whole climate change thing should be thrown for a loop. There’s going to be a real need for shovels and people to operate them.  Job training program, anyone?* 

*Will this guy be demanding more spending on climate change if he hears the General Assembly switchboard is being flooded  — with calls?*

Thanks.  You’ve been a great audience.  I’ll be here all week.  (Be sure to tip your waitresses.)