MEDIA: Republicans are stupid; Murderous dictator “shrewd”, “brilliant”, “profoundly important”



Conservatives are weary of hearing media spin about how all of their heroes are dumb.  In the REAL WORLD, Ronald Reagan is credited with bringing radical, positive change to The United States and the world.  Reagan was dubbed  “The Great Communicator” for his ability to bypass the alleged mainstream media and take his message directly to the people.  Throughout Eastern Europe, Reagan is revered for his leadership in bringing down communism.  However, in the American media, we are subjected to spin about Reagan being doddering and ignorant.

George W. Bush — a Harvard AND Yale alum — was parodied in the American media throughout the eight years of his presidency as a dunce.  Never mind that he pulled our nation together after a tragic act of terrorism, and helped us gain vengeance.  Sarah Palin — former governor of Alaska — has been similarly battered since her run as the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee.

Today, all over the mainstream media, there was an outpouring of eulogies for murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who recently left this world for his VIP accommodations in HELL.

On his radio program today, Rush contrasted the reporting on the passing of The Dear Leader to how Republicans in this country have been treated:

RUSH: Kim Jong-il is now Kim Jong-dead, and the news media is making a business fuss over how the North Korean media and the people on the street have been weeping at the sad news.  Of course they wept in the Soviet Union when Stalin died, too.  And they’ll weep when Obama dies, and even the prisoners in the gulags wept when Stalin died.  Tear gas will do that to you.  North Korea is nothing more than one giant Soviet gulag.

Listen to this media montage.

MEADE:  Smart and ruthless.

WILLIAMS:  Diplomats who dealt with him describe Kim as shrewd and calculating.

SCARBOROUGH:  In a demented sort of way, brilliant.

HAAS:  Tactically brilliant.

RADCHENKO: A very cunning person and very smart person.

MITCHELL:  Was profoundly important around the world.  I actually met him when I traveled there with Madeleine Albright.

RUSH:  Wow.  That was Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington.  “I actually met Kim Jong-il.”  Wow, I actually met him when I traveled with Madeleine Albright.  Meanwhile, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann are stupid.  Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann are “dumb” and “stupid,” but Kim Jong-il was “mercurial,” “enigmatic.” That’s how the AP described it. His people are starving. They’re eating dog.  They wish they had dog.  Yeah, it’s gotten worse, those that are still alive wish they had dog.

Bush was the devil.  George W. Bush was stupid, and he was the devil.  He was the devil incarnate and Kim Jong-il, now Kim Jong-dead, very cunning, very smart person, profoundly important around the world.  “I actually met him when I traveled there with Madeleine Albright.” Speaking of Madeleine Albright, here she is, a montage of her on Kim Jong-il, now Kim Jong-dead, between 2003-2006.

ALBRIGHT:  He said that he would really have loved to have been a movie director.  He knew a lot about American movies and had suggestions for Oscar nominations and, you know, he also liked American sports, he liked Michael Jordan.  It was possible to talk with him.  He’s not a nut.  I think that’s the main kind of point.  I think that it’s important actually not to make fun.  He wanted me to e-mail with him.  I think the thing that’s interesting, Larry, is I do not believe that he’s crazy.  I know a lot of people have said that.  I don’t think so.

RUSH:  It’s a montage of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright talking about Kim Jong-il, now Kim Jong-dead.  He was a murdering tyrant.  His people are among the poorest in the world and he’s spoken of here in reverent terms.  The best thing he had going for him as far as these people are concerned was, he’s not a Republican, he wasn’t a conservative.  Hitler and Stalin both loved American movies, too.  This guy loved Michael Jordan.  Wow, there’s really a lot to recommend him.  Bachmann and Perry are stupid.  King Jong-il, not a nut, it would be a mistake to say that he’s a nut.  […]

Unbelievable.  And these people CANNOT understand why their ratings and circulation numbers are in a free-fall.  Stuff like this should give you food for thought for when your next cable bill comes, or when Publication X wants you to renew your subscription.